It’s right here

It’s right here in front of us. But, oh, how tender our hearts are as we sit here waiting, still waiting, for it to come into our tired hands. We are not what we were last year, last month, last week. We are of a different substance now in our hearts. There is a story that is dying in the world around us. It is a story that we have been beholden to for a very long time. It is the story of how the big guy with the big bustle always wins. It is the story of how nothing we do matters against the magnitude of what is against us. It is the story of an unfriendly world, a world where ultimately, we are all lost. It shows up both personally and collectively. Inside this story, we feel bound by forces we can’t understand. We can’t imagine how the world gets away with such hatred, or bitterness, or rampant destruction of what matters most. Because really, all we want is goodness. We just want to love and be loved. We want kindness for ourselves and for everyone. We just want to live our lives as who we really are and we want to let others live theirs. And if we have some gift, some purpose, some passion, we want to share it and be received warmly by the world around us. And so, we are the ones that have to make this new story real. The story where love and peace and deep belonging are not only possible, but where they are the norm for every human being on the planet. And inside this story we take care of every being who lives here with us, including the earth herself. The old story is dying, whether people realize it or not. It is gasping its last breath as we watch, at times with disbelief, and at other times with horror. But there is no need to mourn the death of that old story. It has long served its purpose in the evolution of our souls. Now, we are ready for something else. And it is right here. Inside of us, birthing its way into the light. And we each have our own way to hold it as is comes. And we each know deep inside of us what that way is. It is our special way of joining with the beauty and grace that is the true bedrock of who we are. What is your part in the story? Now is the time for you to sing it out loud. To write it and to paint it in the sky. To move your beautiful body within it to the motion of the cosmos. Because this story, this new story, is not happening without you. You are its song, its breath, its heartbeat. Listen to what it wants to whisper through you. And let yourself be moved. You’ve got this, you really do.We all do.