Love to Charlottesville

How do you respond to hate other than with love? Hate showed its brutal face this weekend in my beloved home town of Charlottesville, Virginia. And it came not from the inside, but from the outside. People who champion hate gathered together in solidarity on our streets. And the world took notice at the violence that ensued. I know what our response will be. I know the people who will feel called and moved to act. I know deeply the fabric of our community. They are my friends and my neighbors. Many of them showed up at the heart of the battle to stand for peace. Many of them are searching their hearts right now for what is their’s to do, now that this ugliness has chosen our streets to show itself upon. They will not remain silent. It is impossible for them to do so. And I know that the world is watching us. I feel blessed and honored today to be a part of the love that I know will blossom from this darkness. I feel grateful for my friends and neighbors that are gathering together in their own form of solidarity. I feel it in my bones, this grace that lights up our town. I know that whatever happens now will shine its light on love. Because I know we are capable of nothing less. All of our choices of remaining silent and separate have been taken from us. Now we rise as one voice, one message, one heart. May all who were hurt be healed. And may love have the final say.