The power of your soul is unleashed. What does that feel like? Does it resonate as true? Your soul’s power is infinite. It is bold and beautiful and it is thrumming with life. And yet, it requires something for it to be unleashed. It requires patience. I am working on patience. I am virtuous in all kinds of ways but in my patience quota I am almost always lost. What’s it like to be a wild thing that is aching to be released from the thing that is most confining us? It feels like a trap. A trap of our own inability to be free. Yes, I follow my soul’s calling. Yes, I listen deeply to my inner yearnings. Yes, I do everything there is that I know to do. And yes, I still take too many naps just to get through the tedium of my unanswered soul’s call. I sit with my books already written. I sit with my heart knowing everything there is to know about who I am and what I am capable of. And yet I find myself needing to be patient. I did an oracle card reading today on this exact issue. Should I be doing something? Anything, anything I can think of to propel myself forcefully in the world? Where is my publisher, dammit? Where is my tribe? I know what I am. I have done that work. And I have read the books on how to make it happen. I never have the money to do the programs that are supposed to catapult you into your right life. I never have the resources to do anything that catapults me anywhere. I have myself. And my deep inner knowing. I have my soul’s calling shouting at me day in and day out. And I have lots and lots of time on my hands with no structure for what I love and for who I am in my core self. The oracle card reading said I had destiny and duality. That I have a purpose that is grand. And that I live in the world where I have to make things happen. But really, that ultimately, I need to trust in God. That God has my purpose in her hands. So, I am back to patience. My soul’s power is unleashed. Give me strength to stand inside my own grace. Give me opportunity to shine my light. And give me endless patience for the perfect timing that is out of my hands. My hands hold so much. But they don’t hold my soul’s power. Not really. My soul’s power is an alive thing. It is as wild as the wolf at the edge of the forest. It is as free in and of itself as the hawk in the tall oak. It must arise in the world through stillness, not movement. It must take its own time and be that which only it can be. And it must be held by the infinite as all things powerful are. So, our soul’s power is unleashed. It is free and it is doing its thing. It is doing it in perfect harmony with our soul’s calling. And it is making us wait. Still.