Building our house for joy

There has been something wrong for so long now it feels weird to be in the zone of being able to begin building our house for joy. But that’s what spring does. Especially this spring. 2018 was a year of total and complete hell for me. Now I find myself at a new beginning. And I trust in that which is holding me. And I trust in that which is holding our beautiful green world. The manatees are giving birth to a new season of life that we can all participate in. I no longer believe in waiting and stagnation. It’s time for the primal dance. Perhaps things will start to crumble outwardly that have been holding us in their dark grip for far too long. I know my own spirit can not be quenched any longer. I just have to shine. I just have to keep moving now. And it starts with reclaiming back what was ripped from me. And then it gently unwinds into making space for the new. I have the beautiful spacious bones of my house of joy already intact. I need the walls and the furnishings. I am ready, oh gracious hawk that blesses me with your flight. I am ready world. I am completely ready.