Welcome to the Green World

Well, my friends, it has been a long, brutal journey, hasn’t it? And here we are at the cusp of 2020 and the new world is about to arrive. We are here to live our most clear and beautiful lives. We are here to be awakened beings that cherish the earth. All good and kind people now inherit our world. If you are and always have been a good and kind person that loves the earth and all her creatures then you are about to come home. All of your dreams will now come true. Your beloveds will be with you. You will paint and write and dance and sing and cook and eat and play and make love. Because you are that which is sacred. And nothing will ever harm the sacred again. The sacred mother and the sacred father of the universe have been healed and they have joined together to protect us all, along with the ancestors and the animals. The Pan revolution has begun!!!