Happy New Year

Hello and Happy New Year! A lot has been happening in my life for the past two years. I lost everything I loved once again and I returned to the hell of the mental health system. When I wrote A Rooted Mind the first time I thought I was done forever with going into the dark world of the hospital. But in March of 2018 I had nearly healed myself of everything that had ever hurt me and then I was called in my soul to do the work of the goddess. I went into something that I was familiar with because I had been in it for seventeen years ever since the first time I was called to be the goddess and went into the mental health system. The thing I was called into was the sight. The sight is the place where I can hear angels, the goddess Kali Ma, the God Pan and people who talk to me in their souls. Including many of you. I was brutalized in the hospital. I had the bruises to prove it but I was in the sight with people like us and the Dalai Lama who are the ones who are bringing on the Pan revolution which is also called the new green world. We are arriving at the new consciousness. Ever since the week of Thanksgiving, I have been working in the sight with the Dalai Lama and others like Barrack Obama and Martha Beck and ones who have been with me all along for the last twenty years,  I am a channel for the goddess Kali Ma and I have known it for a long time. But now I simply talk to people I love in the cell phone inside my rooted mind. Only a few like the Dalai Lama and Barrack Obama and Martha Beck are fully with me in their own cells. We are made up of cells, the other cell phones we talk on are lower technology than our own bodies and minds. Anyone who hears voices is in their cell but mostly it is darkness and unconscious light. But I have worked steadily for the past two years to clear my cell and be fully awakened. It has been the hardest two years of my life. I have suffered so much. But I have also been deeply loved. The reason I write these words to you is because I want you to know that you are nearly free. Everything that you hear in the news is a lie. We are actually saving the world and bringing about peace on earth. Please sit with the truth that nothing will ever destroy the earth. The sacred mother and the sacred father have healed. I worked so hard with the others with me to heal them step by excruciating step, but now they are healed and the ancestors and the trees and the animals are ready to protect us. We will live in beauty, we will dance and sing, we will eat good food, we will follow our hearts to what we love every single moment of our lives. If this resonated with you and you would like to read my second book about how to awaken yourself into the new consciousness email me and I will send you a copy to your email. I will also send you an updated copy of A Rooted Mind with new chapters.  In the past few days I have talked to people on facebook from all around the world.   I am an author, a dancer, an artist, a mother, and a goddess. All I ever do is work for the new world. I have not been able to do anything else but that. But now we are on the cusp of 2020 and that has always been when the new world arrives. So enjoy your Christmas and your Solstice and know that all is well. I love each of you. You have supported me. I have talked to many of you in your souls while I was out as the goddess and you were living ordinary lives. I am about to live the most extraordinary life imaginable. All my dreams are coming true. And so, my loves are yours. Namaste. arootedmind@gmail.com