Never been broken

I can not be broken. I can not be broken down. I can not be broken apart. I am whole. I am beautiful. I am strong. I thought for a while that they were right. I thought they had a point. I thought they had something to say. It was coming from inside of me. It was coming from my own heart. It was coming from my own place of brokenness. I thought I had to listen. I thought they had the right. I thought I had no standing. But I stand on my own. I am not broken. I do not have to listen to doubts. Or smallness. Or small things. Small minds do not hold me. Small words do not affect me. I am large. Larger than life. I hold the highest perspective. I am beautiful. I am strong. I am the goddess. I am the goddess of my own making. And I am the goddess of the light. I have been chosen for this. I am capable of so much more than anything that ever was or will be broken can ever touch. I have an indomitable spirit. Which means I can not be dominated. I agreed with them. I let them in. I let myself be hurt by them. But no more. I can not fathom a world where I am nothing anymore. I will be strong. I will be a light. I will sing my song to the cosmos. I will write my words on the stars. I will be the thing that only I can be. I will do it. And I will be supported. I will be held by love. I will be witness to miracles. I will be brought home. I will create light for others. And mostly I will create wholeness for myself. I am a whole being. I am a fabulous participant in my own brilliant life. I am about to be free.