My way of belonging in the world

The tribe I once belonged to thought of me as broken.

They put me in handcuffs.

Locked me in behind caged windows

and green cinder block walls.

I talked to souls and angels

they said I heard voices.

I went to the soul place

they said I was delusional.

I knew I was a healer

they told me I was grandiose.


The goddess called me.

I said yes.

She never told me it’d be easy.

But I could never have guessed

it would be that hard.


I belonged to the world of the lost and broken.

And then I belonged to myself.

My heart always cried out for the goddess.

Yet I couldn’t see her for who she is.


I answered the call of my soul.

Again and again.

I poured everything of myself into my calling.

I looked fear in the eye

and I didn’t back down.


But I still belonged to the tribe of the broken.

Inside I still believed

that I was alone in a limiting world.


Now I am ready to belong

to the world of the whole.

The goddess lives inside of me.

She speaks my name in my heart.

The trees gently nest me in their roots.

There are ancestors and the rainbow people.

The sacred crystals and the whales.

The angels gather round me.


I am connected to everything.

I am never alone.

But I belong now to a new tribe.


My tribe are the healers

the wanderers the pioneers.

My tribe are the dancers.

The singers. The ancient ones.


I step fully into the new

light of my life now.


I say thank you to my old tribe.

And I offer them a hand when

they are ready to step over.


But I am no longer bound to

the broken ones.


I am no longer broken.


I am whole and alive and free.


I am a healer a dancer a singer

a mother a guide.


The old ways no longer hold me.


I am an ancient one standing at the edge

of the eternal ocean.

Letting my feet sink into the waves.

Knowing I can fly if I want to.


The moons glow brightly above me.

The stars are at my back.

I am intricately, powerfully

at one with the universe.


The light of love flows through me.

I am opening. I am open.

I am where I belong.