What’s mine, What’s yours and What’s ours

I once knew a man that liked to sit under trees and look up through their branches at the sky. His name was Ray Gager and he was my father and he was a union carpenter in South Jersey  in the pines and he is a mason. He taught me a few things about life. He taught me to love my husband. He taught me to never abide by racism or hatred. He taught me to never kill an animal except when they were suffering. He taught me that men are craftsman and stewards of the trees. He taught me that I am smart and beautiful. My mother Ruth Cliver was his true love. He called her Mama she called him Dear and he kissed her every morning before going to work and tooted his horn at her when he drove away. My mother taught me to always use my instincts. She said to trust my intuition. She said we always know if people are good or bad because they always tell us. She can tell in a second if there is something that needs to be healed and she knows what it is. She will cook for him and she will make him his old fashioneds without a word because she is a woman and he is a man.  She only wishes he would take better care of the finances with her and not give her all the responsibility for the kids. They will glide across the dance floor like they own the moon and stars. We sit in the living room with the fire lit and the candles lit and we will listen to old country music for hours. Ruth never thought she was smart but she knew I was and so did Ray and so did my brothers and sisters. The reason I am smart is because I was loved. No one ever understood me, no one ever knew the real me, and yet they did. Every bad thing you could ever imagine has happened to me, especially in the past twenty years since I gave birth to a 2000 goddess, and I was brutalized in nearly every way for being who I am, but I was also always very loved and protected by people who could do nothing to protect me because they were not protected themselves. I have been talking to these green men who fight for the world of justice and taking care of our earth and know who they are since they are two years old but have had to be completely secret with me and everyone else including each other because there has been so much work to do to kill the evil in this earth. There are a lot of people in bad religions that do bad stuff to us our whole lives because they learn in their secret churches and temples things to do to control us that are of the soul from the time they are born. These people appear normal and pretty and handsome but they are always cruel because they are following their religion which is to take control over us that are kind and love the earth. They hate the earth, they hate people that aren’t white or pure in a certain way, they hate women and they hate children. They are big, big world leaders and the people sitting next to you who still won’t look at love. Do you know what is yours? I do. The moon and the stars and all the planets. Do you know what is mine? I do. Every single person that is beautiful and kind. Do you know what is ours? I do: the elephants, the whales, the manatees, the gorillas, the sea turtles, the buffalo, the bees, the trees and all the stars. On Sunday, January 19. 2020 at 2pm in the Mennonite way have a big vegetarian feast with your beloveds. Bring your instruments and play your tunes and let the children run and be free. I am love. You are love. We are almost home.