I feel like I am being restored. Three years ago when I wrote A Rooted Body I had a positive view of the world. A Rooted Body is about living your life’s purpose and coming into a life of freedom, awakening and fulfillment. It’s a book about manifesting your biggest dreams. I was in a very good place when I wrote it, because the message of the book is that we are fully supported in living our calling even though it is the hardest thing we’ll ever do to actually achieve it. The day I finished A Rooted Body is the day my life took a turn for the worse. I was suddenly destitute. And I had just written a book on manifestation in the new consciousness! I rose back up for a time with a lot of hard work, then in March of 2018 my life took on the path of devastation. It’s been hell since then and my friend says I am a trauma survivor. That is true. The trauma that I have been through is unnameable really. But today I feel like something in me is being reinvented. Something old is rising up to meet something new. I survived it. And I feel like one day I might thrive from it. That is what is being restored in me. I remember being content and shiny. I remember being a light for others. I remember sitting in my days with grace joining me and I remember taking bold risks, doing what I had to do for my soul’s purpose. Maybe I am not among the lost and broken anymore, Maybe I am on my way someplace new. That’s what it feels like. I have climbed out of hell now. That means something. It all means something. I mean something. Here’s to a new trajectory. One of hope and gratitude for every single blessing big or tiny. I have certainly seen the other side of things. And I know deep in my bones what suffering is. From the largest to the smallest. And just lately, just now I am feeling in my bones something else arising. And that something is my essence. The one that can’t be annihilated. No matter how the world tries. No matter what I do I can’t see too far ahead. But it doesn’t really bother me. All my basic needs are met. And that hasn’t been true for a long, long time. But it is now. And there are surprising treasures in life. An iced coffee. Papaya. The apple crisp I am going to make. Hawk coming to see me when I venture outside or calling so I can hear her from my bed. I am building, building. I am venturing out onto the stairway of grace. Let that be enough.