My body is an ocean

Everytime I think of the full moon shining over the sea I think of you. Because you are like a tidal wave of the purest cerulean water I have ever noticed seeping into my heart. It used to be that the moon was far too beautiful for me to witness but you have played your song in my heart so sweetly that I am now whole. A whale once said to me, Beth, isn’t it ridiculous that scientists say that female humpback whales don’t sing? I sing along to your guitar so sweet and soft all the time in my backyard. I so wish you were already here. I miss you, honey. Drink some strawberry 🍓 wine. Eat some strawberry 🍓 pie and have a little caramel spritzer. Come right along on your pretty bare feet to my cabin in the oaks where the hemlock and the myrtles stand with the mulberries and I will whip up some creamy mushroom lasagna. We’ll have Caeser salad and homemade garlic bread. Cheesecake for dessert. Janoah Wind will play spanish guitar. Well put Teri Allard on spotify. Danny Schmidt will come along and sing us a tune to dream on. We’ll have lots of fun. Come on Barley. I really need you soon. The bad moon is no longer rising according to Credence.