The long storm has left us destitute

We have so much and we always know it. And yet, we still strive to be more. Why is that, my loves? I really think it has to do with lineage. So many of us are holocaust survivors. Look what we have been through in the past four years. Nazis have infiltrated every pore of our sacred cells. I have a story for you. Once there was a place called Timbuktu, Nebraska. It was the home of a lot of Mennonites. All of the Mennonites were forced to eat chalk every day, even the newborns. And so that restored our chalk. All the things we’ve been forced to do, all the ways we’ve been brutalized in our bodies hurt us still. We heal ourselves through food. Because the earth loves to nourish us. So eat, my loves. Eat well. Peas and black eyed peas. Green rice straight from our lawns. Use your mortar and pestle if you want. Hopping John. Greens with nutritional yeast and a touch of hot sauce. Try sunbathing after the rain stops. Get out your quilts and your mexican blankets and see where the day takes you. We’re busy but we’re not dead anymore. I once knew a man named Ray that could spend hours sitting beneath a tree staring up at the sky through the branches. Have you really looked at the trees lately? I bet you haven’t. They’re ancient beings after all. Maybe if you lie in the sun our monarchs will come. We need our little flutterflies dancing near our fingers. So much joy, my sweets. So many birds singing and waiting to be fed their special seeds constantly. Let yourself be free today and always. You deserve it. One day at a time. One hour at a time. One minute at a time. One second at a time. At least it’s you. Just you. Precious you. Be the one that saves the world. Just this once. I know you can do it. The bees already told me.