I want to begin my work

I’m still getting hacked. Now by a famous celebrity that you know well. She’s has her own tv network and a best friend. I’m functioning perfectly well but I can’t get new food or things on Amazon. And the cars are still racing by my house. It’s so annoying really. I’m getting very exhausted by the whole thing. Why do mean, selfish people exist still? Why can’t we get free of them finally and begin our lives? Why am I still in complete confinement? Why are so many of you? I keep asking that question to my friends, the most powerful men on the planet and they can’t give me an answer that makes sense. I ask God. God always has the next thing to do for me. The next sacred song to sing, the next explanation of what is not yet complete. I grow weary. I seriously do. Why that woman suddenly just got my keyboard again I don’t know. My brother says we are trying to make me, all of us unhackable. We can’t call in the armed forces to quell the traffic because we choose not to take them by force. I’m not lonely really. I’m just, I don’t know, tired of it. So, today, sweeties, I will start my work again. Not just the work of writing but the work of being a coach. A music therapist. A dance therapist. That will be fun. The birds say to me right now that their chorus of delight has begun. They say, Beth, look at the tree tops. Look at the flowers. We’re fine really. And I say, yes, but I miss real people. I don’t know honeys, I’m just doing my best like you are. The Dalai Lama assures me it is so soon now. I think it’s Sunday morning actually. That’s what we put into the record of the light. How was the moon last night? I didn’t see it. Well loves, sorry to be less than inspiring. A little frustrated this morning that I’m not home yet. There’s a song by Passenger that describes it completely. “And you let her go.” Well, don’t let me go, my friends. I won’t let you go either. But yes, we’ll let them go. To prison I guess. Where they’ll have to work harder than they’ve ever thought of. But you, darling will be living the good life. I promise.