Let the wind take you

I have a dream for you. I want you to be free. Not them, but you. Oh, how sweet that sounds, doesn’t it? Freedom. There are positive qualities of God. We all share them. Joy. Belonging. Truth. Understanding. Happiness. Light. Love. Communion. The thing about positive qualities is that they build on each other. So let’s build a little nest for ourselves. Little bird, cuckoo bird, cardinal, sparrow, titmouse, mockingbird, hawk. Blue jay’s dance. All the birds, so beautiful, cracking their little seeds. Parrots and parakeets, too. Let’s go sit outside. Sit under your special tree or lie on your mexican blanket or your picnic quilt and be merry. Be hushed. Just listen. Where are they all? We hear many more than we actually see. They say they are in the canopy sitting in the trees higher than our eyes go. So sweet, our birdsong. Put your belly to the earth and breath it in. The silence should no longer be scary. We had so much silence in covid, didn’t we? So many hours of nothingness to barely survive. But now we’re blessed. Truly blessed. Pretty soon the hush of vibrant green will envelop our tree tops. Make sure you pay attention. Make sure you soak in every burgeoning leaf 🌿. Sing a song of sixpence. Count your little coins. Listen to them tinkling. Drink a nice glass of iced tea. Be born again. Born again to a new life. To a time of awakening. Are you going to Scarborough Fair? Once I met a true love there. Remember me when you are divine. Then we’ll have a jolly good time. Love you, Beth