Swing me down

That’s actually a song by Danny Schmidt. What I mean is, let’s dance. Azul, Five Rhythms, Soul Motion, dancing in your dining room. Prouncing about in your living room. Leaping and twirling in your bare feet in your back yard. Slow dancing to Teri Allard. I think every single one of you is a dancer. Do you know it? Let it in, honey. Kiddies like to dance. Elders like to dance. Men like to dance. Women like to dance. Dogs like to dance. Do you find it hard to move your body, still? You’ve been eating good food. You started your chair yoga and your yin, and yet. You can’t move freely yet. I know why. It’s because the spring is just starting. So we’re a little tight in our budding selves. Wait til the first growth of neon green starts becoming. Then you’ll see what you can do. Green is the color of life. If you find yourself not having quite enough life, sit with a cup of chai with sugar or honey in it and just wait a little while. It’s okay to wait, sweeties. Sometimes things take a little time to cook. Like old fashioned rice pudding with plump raisins or molasses baked beans in the oven. Or maybe a fresh loaf of artisan bread. Cookies are nice. Have you tried chocolate chip, thumbprint with jam, peanut butter with hershey’s kisses in the center, m&m cookies, sugar cookies you cut out with fun shapes after you roll them? Maybe with a little lemon zest? Or a little orange zest? Sprinkles? Jimmies? Eyes and noses? Gingerbread? I think sugar actually wants you to be free. What do you think of that? If you want to sing out, sing out. If you want to be free, be free. Right, Cat Stevens? When the moon hits your eye 👁️ like a big pizza pie that’s amore. So have chai, cookies and homemade pizza. You can buy the dough at a pizza restaurant or crusts at the grocery store. Eat in today my love. All kinds of good vegetarian pizza. Yum. If you can’t manage a big pizza make one with whole wheat pita bread right in your toaster oven. A little sauce some cheese maybe sliced olives and sliced crimini mushrooms. A little cup of red wine. Maybe a glass of seltzer with it. No need to stress, sweets. I think you are ready right now to claim something. Let’s see what we can do. If you claim that you are free then I think you are. So, what do you want to do? Are you ready? If you’re ready, light a candle, say a prayer and listen for a while. Then make joy blossom all around you. Love, Beth