Mushrooms are growing everywhere the koalas sit with their babies

That’s not really true. But I saw a koala 🐨 bear snuggling up with her baby on instagram. Then I saw a brown bear 🐻 kissing and hugging his friend in a hoodie. Then I saw the whale πŸ‹ surfing with the dolphins 🐬and the young men. So I said, this must be about mushrooms.πŸ„ You’ve heard of magic mushrooms, right? Not in the weird way of making you loopy, but in the magic way of living on trees. 🌳 Well, I said to myself, I like mushrooms. I like koalas. I like dolphins. I like whales. And I like bears. And I guess I really, really have to say I like people, too. How about you?

You don’t, why not?

Oh, you think they’re mean.

Well only certain people are mean, sweeties. Certain people are mean just because they can be. We let them all the time.

Now that we’ve arrived at mushrooms again, I have to tell you about magic. My mentor, Martha Beck is always my source for learning about magic with her son Adam Beck. She talks about foxes 🦊 in England and elephants named Elvis that talk (not that everyone doesn’t talk now, obviously, boo!!) and the music 🎡 🎢 of the spheres. Also, for some weird reason, news announcers speak directly to her. Especially about fire πŸ”₯πŸš’. So if you want to know about magic read Diana, Herself and join our book group.

Mushrooms are magic because they are the earth with tree roots. They grow directly on old logs. Mushroom trees they’re called. So if you have a cut down tree, don’t worry anymore. Consult someone about mushrooms. I think it’s pretty simple.

Trees are magic because they along with the whales and the elephants and the planets are the true keepers of the earth. 🌎 They are ancient ones. Like us. We are ancient ones, too. Most of those bad people are just new, created out of gray fluff or something. Same with the few bad animals. Grey stole our snow. He was a bad shaman. He figured out how to populate the earth with his tribes. But we have him now. He can’t hurt us anymore. God made sure of it. It’s the Pan Revolution after all.

If every single person had a picture or a painting or a statue or a cloth with an elephant on it in their home, we could really save the earth. A lot would be restored right away. Elephant 🐘 is Ganesh. That is our Sacred Father the Dalai lama. Lamas are pretty to have around our sacred abodes, too. They are alpaca. πŸͺ The ones who heal the earth with their hooves because they walk among the sacred mountains of Tibet.

Mother manatee deserves special mention. She is the breast in spanish. She’s the nursie mama of the babies of the earth. She likes little ones. Father manatee likes them, too.

Gorillas 🦍 are special to us for their speech. They like to speak to us in sign language.

Sea turtles 🐒 like to gather on the reefs in one big sea turtle family.

Wolves🐺 like to play with horses. 🐎

All of these animals have always been in the sight. They hear us talking. So if you need a little friend ask your favorite one to come. You each have totems. Totems are your animal guides. They guide you in things that you need from nature. Grandfather Oak and Mother Acacia are also there to guide you. So are the birds. Everything talks. It began with a breath, the earth did, mother Nada said whoosh. Father God said woash and all life was created from there with a voice. So if you are in the Mind Roots tribe and you used to hear bad voices all the time, just remember, you did it because you heard. It’s okay to hear the voice of creation. In fact we welcome it.

Now feed your dogs tofu.πŸ• Stop being mean with your chicken.πŸ”

And eat some soup today. 🍜