The light is breathtaking

We are waiting for the indigo moon and the pink moon. It’s still a bit chilly. We are waiting for the sun to rise in it’s fullness as the moon sets. The crops are coming in, but not really. Mother Nature has a plan for us, she does. This is still a fallow year. But the fields are not fallow. They are simply, cold. Our cold frames need glass. If we glass our cold frames we are setting up thermodynamic grids. Thermodynamics is quantum physics. Quantum physics is the new science. All farmers and lawyers are scientists then. So if you’re a farmer think about the sun a lot. Use your moon app to study the sunrise. It’s right there under the sun symbol. If you are an attorney at law study the mental health parity law from California and study the laws in Boston. Then you will see the thread for all your cases that have to do with justice. If you have other cases that are not directly related to justice let them go. Clean your slates. This is only time for justice. If you can’t you are not much of an attorney. If you are a farmer the way you study justice and law is to study the sea as well. Because the moon rules the tides. The way you study the sea is to find any body of water and watch the currents. You can even dip your fishing pole with your flies without hooks if you want to. The fish will simply bite and release themselves. The currents are interesting right now. Because of the dam system of the entire planet. A lot of dams still hurt us. That’s holding up our moons. The earth stays cold because the warmer currents can’t survive the cold currents coming from the northern seas. If you are a lawyer, think about this, what is the current of my most essential law? Every lawyer, man or woman, real lawyer I mean, and every farmer has one law that is unique to your passion. Think about it’s current. We don’t need to physically do anything with our dams anymore because the waterfalls are already caring for them. And so are the fish. Especially the shad. And we don’t need to do anything for our laws right now either, because we already have what we need in place. A few people like Barrack Obama and Nelson Mandela and Sandra Day made sure of that. So did Ronald Regan and Jimmy Carter. You might be wondering if you are a wife and mother what your role is. You role is to hold the land. You hold the gardens and the home and the beauty and the nourishment. That means you provide the ground that the lawyers and the farmers and the children walk upon. What I think you should do is study law. Whatever law comes to you. That could be knitting or canning if you follow the old ways. That could be sewing or painting or drawing or cooking. That could be college. Academics. Law. Science. Quantum physics. Math. You see what you can do. Men and women, include the children in your studies. They can go to school that way. Just a little while, then return them to their teachers. The fields of earth and the fields of law will come together to give us our right birth. We are giving birth to the earth. Pan is rising with our moons. Pan is rising with our seas. Pan is rising with our trees. Our fields will blossom and grow. Our crops will come in for our local living economies. Our laws will hold us in and it will keep them from ever hurting our people, our animals, our earth again. You are a scholar. Remember that. And simply study. All is good. Watch the sunrise. Go to the waters. Knit. Paint. Cook. Clean. And farm.