Our local economy

I think our actuaries, our accountants, are in charge with our suppliers of our local economies. They determine need based on math and supply and demand. Mathematics is the building block of our grid. Everything comes in twos all the time. There are two of us. And we mostly have two children. Then later two more. It’s the way of the Kali Ma. The sacred mother. It’s the way of the Pan. The sacred father. It’s the way of the god and the goddess. Mother and Father God. Great goddess of everything. Great god of everything. The holiest ones. So are our maths. The holiest ones. The ancient sage. The wise one who makes the instruments. The sacred time keepers. The ones that hold the actual. The actual of the line of earth. And then there are our suppliers. Our economists. They get everything where it needs to go. The corn economy is thriving. We love our seeds. They come straight from the angels and boy are they dirt cheap. Because the angels want us to populate the earth with flowers and plants and sacred trees. The elephants need their nuts and their pods. So do the bears. So do the horses. So do the buffalo. So they can wander freely. And we can visit them in their wild places. They come right up to the roads. And bless us with their breath and their hooves. “Make me an angel that flies from Montgomery,” and I’ll make a place for the Archangel Michael. And he will bless us all. So will the other archangels. So will the healing angels of the light. So will the angels of joy and abundance. So the will the seraphim. Angels everywhere all the time designed for nothing less than to heal our lives constantly.