The barleycorn is the currency

The barleycorn is the barley, the maize… which is the corn, the wheat and the rye. The buckwheat has the hulls. So does the rice. All of these sacred grains used to be our currency long before we minted metal for coins or made paper dollars. Musicians know about these barley seeds very well. So do farmers. So do farmers wives and daughters. Our economy is based on currency. Which is based on currents. Currants are dried fruit. Dried fruit is pemican. Pemican let’s us use our juniper berries to walk long distances behind our sacred buffalo. The reason this is at all relevant to an actuary or a supplier or an economist is because of durable goods. Not everything has a stable shelf life. Not every number has stability. Not every planet is a planet. Some are just rock. It takes water and oxygen to make a planet. Our milky way is our central star grid. All of our stars are suns. All of our suns are brightly burning without creating ash. Our moons design our seasons. We are in eternal spring. Eternal spring comes before summer. Summer comes before autumn. Autumn comes before winter. Winter is fallow. Spring is not. How are our cold frames, now? Our glass millers and our paper millers and our woolen millers are our miller masons. Our mills grind our grain so we can make our bread, our tortillas and then our sandwiches and our papusas. Everyone has their place and they are welcome to experiment and take other places but they are so content all the time I think they rarely do. Our math is designing our new solar system. Our systems, like our heating and cooling systems will come into the grid soon now that the spring is clear. Clarity in math is homeostasis. Homeostasis is the path to the homoluminous soul. The homoluminous soul is the next evolution of humanity. So let us evolve. Let the earth revolve. Let our moons and our sun be source light forever.