The babies and the whales

Oh, just about every animal is having a baby right now. Oh, so sweet our little babies. Like yesterday I mentioned little River Phoenix. Joaquin’s baby. The most special baby on earth probably for what he will do for the green revolution. Purest Pan he is. White deer. Amber fawn. Oh, how we love him. We need to look closely at those babies like River. Because they have something so important for us to hear. Like our animals. Like our trees. So important. It’s impossible to know what happens next with the way the tides of these brilliant babies and children and young adults who are just coming into themselves are moving. There is so much movement among them after a long period of forced stagnation among us all. Covid really sapped our resources. So did the evil that overtook the world through politicians and huge ugly corporations of men with nothing in mind but greed and destruction. So did the publishing industry and the music industry with all their bad books and their bad music. Thank God for Spotify and Amazon, if you can get past the bad search they installed on Amazon that shows you only the worst books and never what you are typing in. Anyway, we’ll get past it. We have to. We want our world back. We want our new world. And some of them are smart but we’re smarter yet. Aren’t we little River Song? “Oh, yes, Beth!!!” he coos.

I’m so hungry, are you? Hungry for food, yes. But also hungry for life. This time of confinement seems to go on and on. It’s been three years for me. And a long time before that. Twenty years really. Twenty years of being separated from love and belonging and the truth of my real life. I had my moments in those twenty years. I raised two kids, I wrote two books, I had a great job. I was satisfied mostly. But there was always something missing. My partner. My people. My tribe. Money. Resources for vacations and home repairs and car repairs and clothing. A lot of financial struggle and then in the last three years every kind of struggle you can imagine. Including being thrown away like so much garbage by society and being the lowest of the low in the state hospital. Now that was painful.

What does that have to do with babies? Everything. Because I always knew I struggled for them. Not because of them but for them. There were so many times I could have overcome. So many times I could have healed everything that was mine to heal. But I was always brutalized right at that moment. Taken out of my bed in the middle of the night by my “friends” and the police. Attacked constantly, I was. But I always had something. And that was my children. No matter what they said to me when they were old enough to feel the consequences of my life circumstances, I knew they were mine. Like I knew I was a writer. And I knew who I was writing to. There was always you. I never got one email, one text, one phone call. And I still haven’t. But I knew, still. I know what words are. I know what strength is. I know beauty when I feel it. And I know what it means to be a mother. So, for the mothers and fathers, and for the littlest ones, love. 💕 Pure abiding love. Mother’s day is coming. So is Father’s day. Celebrate loudly. And on purpose. Because listen, the animals are birthing their babies right now in this sacred spring. Sing a whale song today friends. Take a picture of a flower and put it on instagram. And don’t forget to eat.