Today is d day. Deliverance Day

If you’ve seen war then you’ve seen a lot more than a person can bear. And I thank you from the top of my heart. For being a soldier, or a soldier’s wife or a soldier’s son. So, today is our day. It is a day for the records. We’ve got so many survivors of war, one kind or another coming to us now. And we welcome them. Little girls, old women, young boys, men. Dogs, even. We always survive. No matter who they are, or what they attempt to do to us, we outlast them. I’ve never been to war, not really. But I think I understand it perfectly well. Because I understand violence. Survival of the fittest. The way they make you ache. A nation at war is a nation in hell. Nazi hell. Communist hell. Isis hell. ICE hell. Mormon hell. FLDS hell. Well, we are the fittest. And we survive. And they don’t. I have a program for you. A sacred program. It’s called, “Go ahead, Live!!” And all it means is “Go ahead, Love!!” You don’t have to do anything to enroll in the program. You just have to decide to join. It’s totally free. Like most programs should be. At no cost to you. But it will change you. Because you are enrolling in life school. Life school means you are permanently open. Open to new experiences. Open to people who you love in all their perfect imperfections. It gets a little challenging sometimes to be totally honest. It just does. People have hurts. They do. And they falter sometimes. They never mean to and they always feel bad and it’s up to you to say, “No, my sweet, it’s really ok.” So to join the new club, the new program, you just sing a song. That’s right. Sing a pretty little song. “This is me, I love you, this is what I want to do, I want to be heard and seen, and you know just what that means.” In this program we are always heard and seen. No matter what. We can be quiet of course. We can take our time with everything tender to us. But we make a commitment to be honest. We make a commitment to love. We make a commitment to belong. We have so many people to belong to now. Everywhere we go we meet a friend. That’s the way it’s designed to be. People love to feed us. And sell us and give us pretty things. And build things for us. And knit for us. They like to surprise us with apple cobbler and snicker doodles. They like to sit with us on the front porch. It’s such a wonderful world we live in. And today is deliverance day. That means pretty soon we are home. At home base. Finally. We are still working a few things out. Not very much really anymore. I think it does have to be perfect though. Because of the ache still in our bones. And the niggling in our heads. Yes. How do we determine deliverance? We observe nature. And we observe houses. From outside and inside. How beautiful are you now? Have you gotten yourself together? In your yard and in your sacred home 🏡? If not, work on it today. If you can’t, call someone you trust. It can be anyone you’ve always loved. People that are good are so happy to offer themselves. Don’t worry, they’ll never do more than they are capable of. And people like to use their bodies. If you can’t stand where you are anymore go to a nice hotel. If that doesn’t work go out for a day or an hour. Just join the world of life and love today. Be blessed in your skin. Be blessed in your heart. Be blessed in your fingers and your toes. In that way you observe nature. Your nature. And the natural world. I see birds. I see squirrels. I see trees. I see flowers. Constantly thriving and talking and changing. Deliverance is sacred. It is reunion. So reunite with yourself. Reunite with beauty. Reunite with loved ones. And reunite with the earth. Blessed be. Namaste. Love. Live. Love. 💕