Meat is not a dietary choice. It’s a dead animal.

Well, if you insist on feeding babies dead things then you are a dead thing. And if you insist on eating carcasses then you eventually become a carcass. Gross. I am eternal. I can live forever if I want. I do actually. We all do. But you? The meat eater? Well, we’ll see. Disease only lives in the body for two reasons. You have a history with the nazis trying to kill you or you eat meat. It’s as simple as that. If you want to cure your disease it’s also simple. Eat a healthy, plant based diet of many colors. And have lots of cream from healthy, happy cows that get to keep their babies, and make vegan desserts. Take in every kind of plant you can. Walk. Ride your bike. Dance. Sing. Play music. Do yoga. Relax. Listen. Sit in the sun. Bathe. Make love to life. Talk to your partner and your children and your parents about everything. Be open. Be free. Be you. Let others exist in unity with you. If you hurt, speak it out loud so someone can hear you. Don’t hold onto it anymore. If you can’t, find a coach, an elder, a man or woman who’s been through war. They understand. People are easy to trust because any conversation can only go as far as the other person is willing to go. So you can’t do anything wrong. You see how much the other is willing to listen to. If they are not willing to listen to much find someone who is. You have instincts like a wolf. Wolves are the highest form of society on earth. They are extraordinarily evolved in their social structures. And you are a wolf with wolf instincts. Use them. If you sense something, it’s true. No matter who you are with. Sometimes for the right kind of man being a wolf gets challenging. Because he’s too hard, too protective and he doesn’t like it after the fact. But we say, “Okay honey, I see you.” Or sometimes we say, “Excuse me, what?” But we really shouldn’t. We should let people use their nature. Your nature is to be an animal. That does not mean you kill other animals. That is a myth. It means you are designed to be a human being. A human being is a highly intelligent creature. So are all animals. A human being never has to eat anything other than plants, because cream comes from plants, too, to survive. To thrive. The reason we eat cream is because cows have extra for us. And we need the protein and we need dairy to feel full. Otherwise our bellies are starving. So we’re all vegans. We use plants to make our clothes and our shoes. We use plants to make our cleaning supplies. We use plants for everything. And if you ever feel off there is a plant that saves you. It’s the way of nature. Always nature is attending to balance. Balance yourself with beauty if you don’t know what to do. You are incredibly beautiful. ❤️ Why don’t you know this yet? I know, love. You do know. It’s just that you haven’t had the strength. Well, ask around. Find strength elsewhere. It abounds.