There’s a new kind of dream

I am ready to lay something down. Something I have been carrying for a while now. Something I have been carrying for myself. And for all of us. I am ready to lay down the unfulfilled dreams of the world. It has been a sacred act to carry those dreams. All of our collective yearnings, our sacrifices, our unmet longings have been woven into the fabric of what we have not yet been able to create for ourselves. We have been pulled along by the mystery, we have been living in the tiniest expression of our true magnificence because that is all that we and the world could hold. The time we have been in has required our strength, our steadfastness, our willingness to hold on tightly to what we could only imagine but never quite see. Our dreams have collected and gathered around us. Our yearnings have pulled us along like kites on a line. But I can feel something different for us now. I can feel spaciousness where there was once fenced in imagination. I can feel the vastness of our collective possibilities expanding into the great everything that has always held  us in its embrace. The embrace has grown loose, and joyful, and it is beckoning us to move beyond our old boundaries and into the monumental truth of who we are. Our unmet dreams have written a new poem in the canvas of the sky. They are not what they once were, nor are we. The old versions of themselves have dissolved and dissipated into the moving landscape of the clouds. But their wild, essential essence has remained the same. It is that wildness, that infinite spark of the brilliance of who we are and who we are meant to become that is calling to us now. It is calling to us fiercely and lovingly, and it will once again require everything of us when we answer its call. What we once thought was ours no longer matters. And what we think might be ours in the future has little to say. What is calling to us is what is ours for eternity. It is what has always been so and will continue to be forever. It is our unspoken dream that astounds us with its beauty. It is the bright light in the night sky that knows us better than we know ourselves. It is the most core, most tender, most vivid part of ourselves that we have been afraid to show the others. It is what causes our heart to keep its steady rhythm. There is a reason our dreams have been unfulfilled so far in the way that we imagined they would be. There is a reason they are now asking us to lay them down in their old shapes, their old forms, their old expressions. It is because what wants to be expressed through us now is too big, too grand, too miraculous to fit into the old version of what we thought we could be. It is time to lay down our limits that we once called dreams. It is time to open to what is here with us now. Because what is here with us now is open to us. It is calling, singing, dancing its way into this world we call home with an expression so beautiful that even the angels are breathless with awe. So let’s lay down our unfulfilled dreams together. Let’s move beyond even our biggest hopes for ourselves. Let’s join the mystery once again in this new place that it is offering us. Let’s see anew the world we are here to create.