Wish upon a star

Have you ever really wished for anything? Like, a long held dream? I have long wished to have my people with me. And I have wanted a big house with my partner for a long time and to keep my little house. And I know exactly which house it is although I’ve never been inside. It’s green. 💚 And I love it. And I’ve also long wished to sing with the guitar. One specific guitar, really. That guitar felt forever out of my reach. What do you wish for? Do you wish for a certain person? Do you have a dream that just won’t let you go? Ever since I published my first piece it’s been like that for me. A dream that won’t let go of me. And I had a little success as a coach and a facilitator. And I sold a few books. And I’d be with one or two people, doing my best work, and I’d say to God isn’t this ironic, God one person when I have two million waiting for me? Two million that I’ve already written to? Two million that I already hold? And God always said yes, Beth, but it’s so soon Beth. Beth, don’t worry, we’re not keeping you in that basement, you’re about to heal it. And I guess I really was. All the signs were there. Then I went straight to hell. And that was over three years ago now. And here I sit. Still not healed, really, still without my people. And still in the sight only. What does one do with a dream that won’t let them go? Do you doubt yourself? Or do you just know? Mostly, I just knew. I’m a smart woman, I know my affect on people. I know when people are healing. And I feel the people I’m writing to. I do. So, for the longest time I’ve only dreamed of being a writer. And a coach. And a dancer. And I’m already a mother, but I’ve wished for more with my children. I started to get it with my daughter this year after a long period of hurt due to my hospitalizations. But anyway, what do you wish for? Does it wish for you? I really think my writing and my coaching and my dancing and my mothering wishes for me as much as I wish for it. Because it belongs to me. And what is mine is always close. Do you know what you wish for? Are you aware? Are you awakened? A Rooted Body tells you all about how to wake up. It’s about saying yes to freedom, awakening and fulfilment. If you know what you wish for, is it still alluding you? If yes, why is that? Are you brave? You have to be brave or it doesn’t work. Look at me. My family is reading this. And I post it anyway. And I never know how it’s being received. And I post it anyway. And I even talk about the sight. Which is totally not allowed where I come from. Although I always have anyway. Would you say that’s brave? I feel it all the time. I am exposing myself to anything really, each time I put pen to paper. And I’ve heard about it. I have. I’ve been challenged. Are you going backwards, they say? Are you taking your medicine? It’s a slippery slope after all, Mom. And you still owe us. If you’re not brave yet, you can start. Do something big for yourself today. Act like a five year old would if she wanted to be brave. If you don’t know what you wish for, why not? Is it because you’ve never had a lick of anything? That’s understandable but no excuse any more. Because if you are not opening your heart by now then you are simply being apathetic. And that means you are saying it is enough just to be here. It’s not. It’s not enough just to be here. We need much, much more than just getting through our days. We are ever-growing, ever-changing beings. We evolve. I don’t know what to tell you if you do not want to evolve. Then I guess it really is over for you. Right now. Everyone has the responsibility to grow. Flowers grow. Trees grow. Mountains grow. Animals grow. People grow. Even the sun likes to change. So do the tides and the seasons. One day is never the same as the day before. So play around with growth today. See how you can expand yourself. Find your biggest dream. You can do it. And you will feel better when you do. It doesn’t mean it’s easy. Parts of it are easy. But you also have to work. You have to think. You have to create. You have to set aside time. You have to live by your intentions. And you have to breathe. Every wish is a sacred miracle. Every dream is a pact between you and source. Honor that. And it will honor you. I promise.