Every woman is a steward of the earth

She is a steward of the home. She is a steward of the mountain. She is a steward of the plains. She is a steward of the garden. She likes her sacred herbs. She loves her blossoms. She knows instinctively how to set things right. She is a steward of the ocean. All creatures great and small come to her in peace and gratitude for her gifts. Our elders live and breathe their wisdom inside her wise and loving care and our children rustle about in the folds of her skirt. She always knows when there is work to be done and she never complains but maybe she should. She loves the touch of your hand and the sound of your voice. She might not say so, but you just know. A woman’s work is always done. She is as efficient as a bat. Her touch for beauty is so astonishing when she is given everything she ever needed to provide it. Women, what do we do with our earth? We provide for it. Like we provide for everything. How are your provisions? Stock up. You never know on a moment’s notice who needs what. We don’t mind really, we’re experts. The sky is indicating to me that we need heat. It’s too white and too pale blue. Like our lips get in the cold. So maybe we need our carpenters to start building us solariums off the eastern sides of our houses. The old ways of solar don’t work anymore because we have a new rotation of the sun. So, wives of men, see if you can find a way to envision a sunroom for your house where you keep your geraniums, your bleeding hearts, your oranges, your lemons, your limes, your kumquats. Just see. Work with a person who knows about solar heat. Now let’s talk about vintners for a bit. The orchid restores the ecosystem and the grape restores the vines. They hate stakes. They like to be bushes. Port is old oak trees with ancient grape juice. Our casks are our lathes. Our lathes plane our doors and our logs for our cabins. All homes are cabins in the monocan way. Our casks are our lathes because the grapes are plains plants. And we plane our boards for our casks. When we think of a word like plain and plane we think of monocans. Because monocans have the original language. Like we have the original plants, the original cloth, the original cabin and the original sun. So this sun that rose white today is the new sun and we use all of our knowledge of the old ways to create the new ways because we are the original people. The reason the animals are acting so friendly and joyfully on instagram and in our backyards is because we have returned to the new original earth. It’s new every day, every moment has fresh delights in nature and in relationship and every moment, my wise woman friend has the old ways woven into it. That is why our elders are coming back to us with their understanding of the seasons and the rhythms of life. That is why we are stewards. Men are a lot of things. They can be stewards too. But only part time. We are full time stewards. So let’s think about heat again. The clouds are indicating again that it’s too cold. Some of our plants, like our daffodils are dying off and our grass is too long because of the lack of heat. The trees don’t like it even though they are beautiful. They want to grow even taller still. The hawks have barely arrived. Just a little. The birds are busy though. They just mind the traffic. It interferes with their songs. But not too much. So we think the heat is in the trees. And their root balls. And their roots. So let’s look at our own bodies. That means the heat is in our veins and our bones. And our legs still ache. They ache because our bones are too cold inside. To put heat in our bones we need grapes. White grapes and red grapes and purple grapes and black grapes. Same with our veins. So, we have to create heat in our soil without manure or fertilizer and it has to do with flax. Flax is our roadbeds. Flax is our cloth. Flax is our tires for our cars and our trucks. Flax is our fabric. Flax is our money plant with huge tobacco shaped leaves and flax is our flax that makes seed. It’s not about planting flax. It’s about our roads and our sidewalks. Because the asphalt is made of fragmented iron flake and oil. And it’s all over the place. So our highwayman need to restore our roadbeds in ways they are perfectly ready to do. We’ll have soft terra cotta roads. Our sidewalks make our grasses grow too long because they are hard cement. If we fix our roads and we sand our sidewalks and then brick some and slate some and then mosaic some we open up our solar grid. Then we have solar heat rising from the earth and the sun will never be too hot again. So we don’t need air conditioners when we fix our roads and our sidewalks. And that heals the water lines, too. And then we have heat in our root balls and our limbs. So, my women friends, my stewards, the heat you seek for your bones is in port, warm blankets, whiskey, and soup. Warm socks, warmth. Warm your bones people. We still have work to do. But we’re coming along nicely. God are we smart. As smart as flea named Pea or maybe a lobster named Gladdy or Fred.