Spring solstice arrives April 22

It is still eternal spring. We are meant in the green world to all be on the same exact time of day and night worldwide with our time zone being eastern time. This change brings on summer. By summer equinox which is May 22 we should have equilibrium in the solar system. Equilibrium in the solar system will bring about a temperate climate. That will end what science has called global warming and begin climate change in the Pan Rising Revolution. There should be one sun rise and one sun set just like there is the same cycle of the moon everywhere. Then we can truly have a localized living economy when our crops are able to grow all over the world from seed. We need our plants to come directly from the earth in seed form. Water and air plants are for orchids. Orchids restore the ecosystem. The come in all colors and with all kinds of scents. Including vanilla!! When you look for seeds start with the word you want under Google images and type in lily. For example, moon lily. Strawberry lily. Peach lily. Kale lily. Asparagus lily. Onion lily. Chard lily. See what comes up. You’ll see which seeds to order, the ones from the smaller companies and they’re cheap or reasonably priced. And they come in all colors but not in extreme ways. You’ll be amazed, you really will. When you’re looking up trees look up bushes I think. Walnut bush. Peach bush. Grape bush. Try it. Be creative. But start with lily each time. This is straight from the angels. You’ll be stunned at how cheap seeds and trees are. Trees are a little more expensive but they’re worth it. Anyway, you’re rich. Spend away honey. Be fruitful and multiply the earth. Sanctify it. Make it blossom. Make it sacred. Make it grow. We plant our crops not according to the moon but according to the sun. Pink sky at night, sailors’ delight. Pink sky at morning sailors’ take warning. We never plant our crops at sunrise. We always plant them in the afternoon. Before the dusk. At sunrise we like to check our water tables. We love to gaze into our irrigation gullies at sunrise, just to see what needs attending to. Maybe a fishie or two will rise to greet us. Or maybe a great blue heron. Let’s think about seasons for a moment. So not every month is a solstice or an equinox. So we call the months that are not the solstice or the equinox the moons. It feels to me like this spring is very long. Autumn will be the same way. So will summer. But winter is pretty brief. Winter is really only around December first til January 22 when we get the first spring moon. The red moon it’s called because the trees begin to have a red sheen. And then they often go dormant again. February 22 is the first day of spring when the crocuses arrive and Spring equinox is also the first day of spring on March 22. Then we have Spring solstice on April 22. Then we have Summer equinox on May 22 then we have Summer solstice on June 22. Then we have a summer moon in July. And Autumn solstice is on August 22. Then we have Fall equinox on September 22. And so on. Now we have our calendar for our crops. The sun is rising 60 degrees to the northeast this morning and it’s coming up as a white light. Isn’t that fascinating? If we are to become temperate all over the globe in the next thirty two days then we will unlock every code. Every code is mathematics. Every math is prime. Every prime is pie. Pie is a circle. A circle is an orb. All cells are circles. All bodies are orbs in the auric field. All fields are orbs. All seeds are cells. Plants are rich in chlorophyll. Chlorophyll is plankton. Plankton along with fern is the original plant that all life is based upon. It started with a breath and then it instantly became green. Okay my quantum physicist farmer friends what’s next? We have a white sun today in a pale blue sky. Coming up over the mountain behind the trees. The ancient trees. Maybe it looks different for you. Tell someone special or write on your blog or speak in your podcast on patreon what you saw today as you had your morning cup of joe or tea. Interesting what we are changing daily as the ones who bring on the pan revolution. We can see it in our birds and our animals constantly and we can see it in our natural world. Today I want you to get high if you can. Look out over a vista. See if wherever you are you can see the sea. Our inland seas should be starting to appear. Look for the tree line. And see what you see. Okay? Be a scientist. Discover the new theory of everything. Who knows what you do. I certainly don’t. Brilliant you are.