I see pink!!

I see the pink moon beginning to rise with the blue moon. It’s not full out pink or indigo, but it’s starting. Hallelujah!! The light is so bright and the sky is full of white with some gray off to the south. Now we have a white sky again. Let’s talk about the white light. God is a white light. God is a white horse. White Horse. You are a white light. Your cells are light particles. You are energy and you are solid mass. You never die. You are eternal. After a certain point you never age. The light that is one light is the central root of the cosmos. The cosmos is in a circle. But inside the circle is a twelve petaled lotus flower. And surrounding the cosmic circle is white light. That’s infinity. It’s ether. Your body is made of earth, air, fire, water and ether. You have meridians running through your body. Those are in your five fingers and five toes. Ten fingers and ten toes. Starting with your thumb. Earth. Index finger. Air. Middle finger. Fire. Ring finger. Water. Pinkie finger. Ether. Same for your toes. Starting with your big toe. This is polarity therapy. If you keep your meridians open by attending to your hands and feet and you eat good vegetarian food in great variety and you drink good drinks you will never have illness. You don’t even have to exercise, although you like it because you have a lot of energy. Exercise is a natural thing. It’s not running, or working out in a gym or on a treadmill. It’s cleaning up the house, gardening, doing laundry, walking to the park, organizing your cupboards, picking flowers and arranging them in vases, walking the dog. It’s a little gentle stretching on the floor or in your chair and dancing with others or alone to your favorite tunes. It’s taking a bath or a shower and cooking. It’s everything you do with your body all the time. It’s even sleeping. That’s why we wake up starving sometimes at 9pm or 1am. Because boy did our bodies just work hard!!! The white light is with you all the time. But it hasn’t felt like it, has it? I know we’ve struggled hard, loves. And sometimes we blame God. But we also know that God is love. The only thing that has ever made sense is that God is love. So, is God responsible for our hurts? Or is God suffering along with us? If God is suffering along with us, why can’t God just be God and change things? I think God is stolen. God wants what we want and even more. But God is everyone. And everyone is a lot of people. And not all people choose good all the time. And evil overtook our world and continued to do so and got bigger and bigger. Look at what happened in America. America is supposed to be a shining example of freedom for all. Look at the capitol riots. Look at what happened in Charlottesville Virginia. Look what happened in Portland, Oregon. Where was God? God was right there holding the line. But the line was completely taken. We were raped. Sorry honeys, but that’s what it’s called. We never let them do it. We always said no. But so many of them refused to stand at all. They were weak and complacent and down right evil. Donald Trump faced no consequences for his violent actions. He was acquitted. How is that? The ones that are sworn to protect us followed party lines? And it was okay with the American people? I’m an American citizen. It was not okay with me. And I think I deserve restitution from those senators and those house republicans that refused to defend my constitutional rights when I was publicly raped and violated and actually they tried to murder me. So, do we make peace with God? How could God be raped like us? God is supposed to be all knowing and all powerful. Well, it’s so simple really. There is only one God. And that God is source. And source is like a magnet. It attracts everything. And we are brilliant beings. And we are like source in that we attract everything that is relevant to our soul’s purpose. So if it is at all related to our soul story for our greatest gift then we have it in droves. So I’ve had every part of mental illness in the world, because I am the rooted mind. I’ve had every part of poverty and scams because I am the rooted body which is learning to become a master of life and manifestation. Manifestation is one of my sacred callings because I teach people how to be master creators in the living economy. So whatever we teach we learn backwards if we are collective souls. So, yes, I do understand that God is love. Why was it so hard, though, and can I get past it? I will never, ever forget what I went through. It is ingrained on my soul. But I don’t think it has to do with God not meeting his and her part of the bargain. I think it has to do with other people’s choices. Because I have never for a long time had one speck of free will. But other people do. Until they don’t. Because the sun is shining white in the pale blue clouded sky. And God is always listening intently. And if God is not all powerful yet she will be soon. Because the earth and the cosmos will finally be free of evil interference. It’s a green world, peoples. And White Horse is on the scene. The light that is one light is our collective light.