It didn’t happen the way we’d hoped

We have been through hell. And it has taken its toll on us. And if we have trauma we need to address it. I already addressed mine. For about six months after I got out of the hospital I addressed my trauma. And it’s fine now. Address it by writing in your moleskine journal, address it by drawing, address it by talking to a coach. A good coach. One that won’t delve into your trauma but will take you right out of it. Use your instincts. I tried this one therapist and she actually told me I had all this power. She gave me The Secret talk. I felt totally alone after I got off the phone with her. So be careful who you share with. Find someone you trust. Ask around to people that know. Or just pray a lot. Dear God, this is what I need to say to you. See what God says back to you. Call on your animal and tree helpers. They can ease you. So, we are resilient. Especially after we have attended to ourselves. We’re doing so many good things now. We’re eating well, we’re talking out loud to people, we’re working really, really hard, we’re taking breaks, we’re having fun, and we are using our bodies in good ways. We’re paying attention to beauty in and around us. So, really they are starting to have little hold over us. And the past is still with us in this covid world. But really, how much longer can it last? Bill Gates predicted it would be over by summer. June, he said. You might be wondering something. About you. Well I know the answer is yes. Yes, you are. That kind of person. The kind that has always been good. It’s just that you have been scripted. Scripted hard. You have had certain things you have been allowed to say, think and do and that’s about it. If you have committed acts of violence that still haunt your dreams and your waking hours, my friend, you are not alone. So has every president you serve with honor. So, let’s remember honor and service. When Joe Biden won the election I had a thought. I was wondering what the public servants, the good ones and people like Barrack Obama would do now. Because I know people are dedicated to our country. They have to be. For so long, no one has said anything. And the media spit back out every word Donald Trump ever said. And it was like no one ever took a stand. Except for darkness. But what, I thought, will they say now? What will they reveal, what will they do? I know there must be a lot of meticulous notes and a lot of recordings and a lot of videos. We need an office of records for all this information to go into. Someone has to sort through it. I’m glad it’s not me. There must be good reporters too. There must be tons of footage. Brutal footage. Informative footage. I don’t want us to reveal it all. I want the people that take care of brutality to take care of it for us. I want to hear stories in the news about the light that is springing up all over the planet. I want to hear about Joseph Biden and Barrack Obama and the Dalai Lama and Nelson Mandela and Bill Gates. I want recipes and animals and trees and places to visit and stories about miracles and little kids and good mommies and daddies. I don’t want fire and Republicans and war and terror and the Dow Jones. I want to be inspired by the news. And informed. And blessed. I want to see my beautiful world community. Do you? I want good books to read and good movies to watch. I love thirty degrees in february. Shows like that. Where are they? Where is good entertainment? Where is something to relax and uplift us? To educate us and free us? I want to laugh and be inspired and cry my eyes out. Did you watch My Octopus 🐙 Teacher? She gives hugs!! What is freedom? Freedom is beauty. Freedom is truth. Freedom is belonging. Freedom is love. Freedom is joy. Freedom is happiness. Freedom is all the positive qualities of God. Freedom is the love of the Dalai lama and our papa, Nelson Mandela. Freedom is education. Are you a lawyer yet, honey? Well, think about it. I already know you’re an artist and a chef. And an accountant, because we all have to take good care of our finances. We have so much to care for. We really do. Our floors need to be mopped, our dishes need to be done, our clothes need to be washed, our elders need some food made and delivered. Our kids need us to do fun projects with them and take them to the park. We have visiting to do, our gardens need attending and we need time for our mocktails. Not to mention our art and our music. We use to be busy I guess doing a bunch of nothing but sitting at our nine to five desks for hours. Now I guess we’re busy living our lives. We’re as busy as the birds and the rest of the animals. Busy being natural. I call it the angel flow. The only time it gets hard is when I have to transition from one thing to the next. Especially if I worked really hard at something. Which I do a lot. Then I tend to lie down. That helps. A lot. How are you feeling? Did I take you somewhere? Are you finally feeling you can be ok? I hope so, because you can. Look we’ve all been through it. You are not alone ever anymore. Reach out. You’ll be delighted. Kiss your wife full on the lips and take her out on a special date. Do what you love to do all the time now. Every second of your life. Because it all matters. You matter, what you do matters, what and who you love matters. Go in peace, my friend. Go in beauty. May your days be good and long upon the earth.🌍