Pink and indigo in the sky report

We’ve got pink and indigo in a pale greyish blue sky. The pink and indigo are muted. But present. It’s also a little violet. I think if I sat in the same spot and got out my paints and painted the sky everyday twice a day at the same times I’d be totally happy. Sounds nice. I guess I’m painting the sky now by writing it to you. The whole horizon above the lowest part of the mountain is pink. We really are starting to see our moons rising. Then comes the sun. And I say, it’s all right. (I stole that from the Beatles.) What’s your favorite music? I love John Prine and George Jones and Kris Kristofferson and Patsy Cline and Hank Williams and Natalie Merchant and Dar Williams and Shawn Colvin and Dave Matthews and Danny Schmidt and Paul Curreri and Teri Allard and Dolly Parton. The sun seems to me to be in it’s exact right position but I can barely see it anymore through the trees. It was bright orange pink and now it’s turning whitish. And yellow. 💛 The sky is so beautiful. Just like your eyes. Sometimes at dance workshops I have looked into people’s eyes before and it’s been a lovely experience. There was no need to look away. Because we were both open and giving and receiving. Have you danced yet? Have you made your spotify playlists? According to Gabriel Roth there are Five Rhythms. Flow, which means you connect your feet to the floor and move around the room. Or you lie on the floor and stretch. Staccato, which is the rhythm of the faster heartbeat, you chop your arms and either flow or stand still on your feet. Or you lie on the floor and move your hips. And your arms. Hand jives are fun. Chaos, where you really let yourself go. Pure release. That’s fun on the floor, too. Lyrical, where you become a beautiful, gliding, glowing waterfall. We have geisha wrists. We like to skim hands in this one. And stillness where you lie on the floor, touching a dancer’s foot if you like and settle down. That’s the five rhythms of life. Of work. Of dance. That’s why I said earlier that when I have difficulty with a transition I lie down. I love to lie down and watch people’s bare feet on the dance floor. It is so stunning to watch people’s natural rhythms. When you make your playlists on spotify think about those five rhythms. Build up to chaos and settle down at the end. Start slow and quiet. So, maybe our theme is, let’s lie down. Like a mother cow. Like a deer in the forest. Lie down whenever you don’t know what to do. Or at least sit. That way we can all come to perfect flow. We really are in this together. I hurt when you hurt. You hurt when I hurt. One tribe. One worldwide tribe. Right there under the Dalai lama and Nelson Mandela. Rinpoche and Papa. Right there under the God Pan and the Goddess Kali. Right there under mother and father God. Standing right next to the elephants. And listening closely to the wolves and the buffalo. All of nature is with our one nation. All of creation calls our names out loud. Who have you called lately? No one’s off limits unless they are mean. People are lonely and disconnected. They would love to hear your voice. Who have you visited with? Have you brought someone a fresh baked pie? What are you doing with yourself? Did you decide to give yourself over to truth and joy yet? If not, why not? It’s not like you have forever. Every moment matters. Every bit of you is yearning and longing, I can tell. What exactly are you afraid of, deary? Your heart? Your words? Your silence for so long? Oh, forget about it. Just make amends. No one cares really. We all want the same exact thing. To be happy with our beloveds. To live and create. To dance and sing. To eat and drink and be merry. Go along with you, loves. It’s your time on this gorgeous green planet. You just have to determine it so. And so it shall be. Don’t wait anymore lovey. Do one brave thing today, I don’t care how small. One brave thing. And then dance.