Time and potatoes

The threads that hold us together in time weave us together in a sacred mason line. This is a mason sight. We have mason farmers, mason mathematicians, mason agriculturalists, mason carpenters, mason bricklayers, mason electricians, mason detectives, mason presidents, mason lawyers. We have the whole world of mason men. Mason men are green men because they follow the sacred lines of the earth. I am a mason writer. Because I follow the lines of God. I follow the lines of the goddess. I follow the lines of the earth. I follow the lines of people. And I follow the lines of time. I have not considered time my friend. I have been wildly inpatient and sometimes I still am. It’s been three long years since I had a touch of anything circumstancial that had anything to do with anything but what the world has decided is mental illness in me. Time is like a river. It endlessly flows. And it has banks. It is contained by earth. Potatoes are timekeepers. They do their thing independently under the soil. They need no care. Time needs no care. It does it’s own thing. It’s always present. We want something from time constantly. We either want it to slow down or speed up. How do we come into right relationship with time? We do have to to trust. When we’re not trusting, we’re fighting time. I do it often. I just did when I said three long years. Time is long. Yet my kids are grown. What happened there? I barely recall their three month old selves. I think to come into right relationship with time we have to be content beings. That’s all. When we are content time no longer keeps us. We keep time. We already have the makings to be content. It’s just not quite here yet and the old time tells us it just never might be. But real time tells us it has to be so, and soon. Right? We are so far along now. May is Peace. June is Balance. July is Freedom. August is Beauty. If we are almost at peace we are like potatoes. Potatoes are a root crop. They are rhizomes. They are the root that feeds the world. Think of how you feel when you eat a potato. Potatoes don’t let you rush. They slow you right down. We just have to hold time as best we can and when we get frustrated we have to return to our nest under the ground. So today, honor potatoes. Have potatoes for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. In any form you want. Try to see if you can make a nest for yourself. Take the little cut up pieces of yourself that used to be whole and grow a whole new crop. An entire field of red then green. Be sustenance for the world then, love. You are just my little potato 🥔 head. Love, Beth