Love and babies

Our babies choose us. It doesn’t take a sperm and an egg meeting to get pregnant. It takes a baby choosing us. I love my kids. All of them. I have more than I even know about right now because well, I love. Let’s adopt someone today. And let’s get pregnant if we want to. No matter how old we are. Because remember, we’re eternal. And it’s the monocan way to have two sets of babies. If you don’t know your soul mate and your lover yet do a little exercise with me. Even if you think your wife is nice but secretly you know she’s constantly mean to you and your kids. Your kids don’t mind. They are sensible beings. All kids are. Sensitive too. Especially to meanness. So close your eyes. Put your hand up to your mouth. Say, I am now connected to my lover in the sight. Then give your hand a little kiss hello. Then, speak to your best friend in the whole entire world. Really, love. You have angels and you are a cellular being, you can do this. You probably already met them, anyway. And you haven’t really forgotten. Pretty soon you’ll be saying, “Oh you were always my favorite one. I compared everyone I ever met to you!” So let’s talk about your first meeting. Meet for coffee ☕. Keep it casual. Then when you’re ready for a little more see if she will lie down with you. Lie as far away as possible on the bed. Barefoot. Touch her with your toe after you establish hellos if you feel brave enough. Move a little closer? Or not, totally up to you. You can also lie back to back and talk. Hand on hip maybe? Turn around and face her if you are not too shy. That’s about all the advice I have. But if you’re close you can touch bellies under shirts with hands. To kiss, put your mouth next to hers and see what happens. Breathe each other. Join. Exchange life. This is for adults. Not kids. You have to be at least sixteen for a girl and eighteen for a boy to be mature enough to touch. We don’t follow the old old ways anymore of being younger than that. But remember babies can choose you. But they will anyway. But you can figure that out, too. When you are with your partner, ask your baby to come. Ask her or him to tell you when they will be born. They already know. They’ll tell you. So who are you adopting? Kids? Dogs? A cat? An elder? Expand your joy. You have the power to create a family. Today. Just think about it. Think about who you know that needs your care. Care that only you can provide for them. Then, I think you should write. No matter who you are or where you are I think you should write. Because you have thoughts to put to page. So think. Then I think you should make good food. So go to the grocery store and cook lots of stuff. Writing and living makes us hungry. The seasons are starting to change somehow a little. That makes us hungry, too. And it makes us hungry for new foods. If anything is still at all off in you drink iced tea. Black with half and half and green with sugar or agave. Jasmine and earl grey are good. So is chai. I love the teas from mountain rose herbs. I love the three thousand year old black tea🍵 best. If you’re addicted to anything try tropical fruits. Like papaya and mango and coconut. Try bananas. Try whatever you can find that’s exotic. You’re only addicted because you are a sensitive being and there are chemicals in everything. You’re addicted to chemicals. Your medicine is a chemical too. Eat tons of good food, drink tons of iced tea and see how you feel. Everything you take medicine for should normalize on its own. You will feel the difference in your body. It’s iced tea because basically every addiction and illness other than meat caused illness is related to tannins and you have to restore your tannins to balance. Tannins are the way your skin photosynthesizes sunlight. Every imbalance is related to the sun. Doctors deal in disease and chemicals all the time, so I doubt you had half the illnesses they say you did. Read Coyote Medicine. That’s a good doctor for you. Read Wild Feminine and Wild Creative. You’ll love Tammi Lynn Kent. Half the people I know say they’ve never been addicted to a thing in their life but they got called addicts. Probably all they ever did was smell a beer and get the date rape drug once. Or smoke cannibus, the cannibal plant once and forever spin in hell. The sun is rising white in a white sky and it’s chilly. But the sun is in its exact right position. It’s one hundred percent aligned with the grid. And it’s rising a little earlier. How are our crops? How is our stamina? Our crops are fine but our stamina is a little low. Mine is too. A lot low. Well, this is still a fallow year but the earth’s no longer fallow but we are. Because it’s still too cold in the grid. So, let the sun ☀️ do his work, let the moon 🌝 do hers and you’ll be fine. No worries. So today is adoption day, meet my lover day, write my life day and eat my food day. Okay, lovies? We’re busy. It’s an angel world.