Under the Burgeoning Sky

What if the sky was healed? What if the earth was, too? What if you were perfectly ready to step into your right life? What if we all were? Today? The earth feels ready to me. I feel ready to me. I still have to walk through the lines of time and uncertainty to get home. I don’t feel that uncertain. But things have been a certain way for a long time now. What are you going to do today if you can actually begin your life? I always move so fast. Whenever some little break comes I seize it within a day. And then I kind of regret it. Because I acted on pure instinct. Acting on pure instinct feels powerful when I’m doing it. Then I remember other people’s viewpoints or people give them to me and I get a little lost. I’d like to act on pure instinct today. That means I have not one worry or concern. When I gave birth to my daughter I was acting on pure instinct. When I give birth to anything I act on pure instinct. Today I want to give birth to my new life. What would I do right now if I knew I was about to give birth to joy? I’d be quiet. And I’d pray. Dear God, I feel as if I am about to give birth to my real life. A life where I have a partner, and a beautiful huge home and beautiful things. A life where I am a celebrated author and coach. A life where I am surrounded by friends and my children are held close to me. A life where I am very, very rich. And I spend most of my money on food and beauty. That’s the life you have promised me for so long, God. I feel as if it’s here with me this morning. I’m just a little scared. I don’t know what my partner looks like or sounds like. But I know his coming is the opening to life and love. I know who he is of course, God. I’ve been with him in the sight for twenty years. Especially lately. Do you have any advice for me, God? God says walk through. So I have to walk through. Already there is one thing that is off for today. My son hasn’t gotten up for work yet. And he’s like clockwork. So he either has a later shift or he’s off. So we feel delayed. Anyway, walking through means let it unfold naturally. Don’t try to force, don’t get impatient. Just listen. So I am going to check in with my body right now. I feel movement. I feel like I can trust. I feel like I am safe. Thanks, God. I am burgeoning. Burgeoning with life. Like the birds outside my window. Like the flowers in my yard. Like the trees coming into green now. I have to take it step by step. Safety is the first step. God is all the rest. I’m just going to listen deeply today for what comes. That’s most of what I do anyway. Listen to God as she comes. So, bye for now, sweetie tweet. Wish me luck for a good Come Monday tomorrow.