Love and inspiration

Are you finding yourself to be more inspired than ever before? Especially with the birds singing their nesting songs? I am. It truly is becoming a healed planet. Every wren and every hawk now lives in peaceful harmony. Let’s let inspiration take us like the wind through our hair. What most inspires you? Is it a red coffee bean? Is it a yellow dandelion? Is it a pygmy elephant? Is it your five year old? Is it your fingers on your guitar? Close your eyes and honor right now that which inspires you. That is the goddess Kali Ma. She is the goddess of inspiration. Pan is the god of the forest. The forest and the mountain are home to our deepest dreams and schemes. Have you gotten your website up yet? If not, why not? Your tribe is already looking for you. Have you figured out your stewardships? So many joys await you. I really believe that May 1, 2021 is the beginning of all things free and good. If you are still suffering look tonight to the full moon in the deep sky. Open all your windows and your blinds and await the pink moon and the indigo moon. Make some nice passionflower, nettle, alfalfa, oatstraw and lavender tea and drink it cool in a mason jar. Really take care of yourself right now and forever. This is the living economy. It’s an artisan economy. And you are a beautiful artist. This is about to be the green world. All over the globe. Save your energy for Saturday and then do something really special. I believe in all of us. We have done so much work in the past two months. So much incredibly powerful work. It’s time to step into the grid now. The mason grid. The earth grid. May 1 is the first summer solstice moon. It’s a waning moon. Feed your birds, plant your summer flowers and enjoy a nice mocktail Saturday evening. The breeze is gentle on our skin. The sun and the moon have almost completed their work. The elephants and the whales have already arrived home. The coral reefs are blooming. So are the kelp forests. You have a few days left of uncertainty. Then you, yourself will arrive home. 68 days of angel flow on Saturday May 1 since the first day of spring February 22. The first full day of summer. When the oaks are fully leafed in green. Remember to breathe. And remember to soak in beauty. And remember to be kind. And remember to talk to angels and children and animals. And then you will be just fine. Call on someone if you need help. Offer help if you have extra to give. We are all one sacred tribe now. Be blessed. Be true. Be happy. Love to you, Beth