I know it’s true

What? Everything real. What’s real? Me and you. And a tree. And a whale. For so long I have had something around me and throughout my world that says no to me. For the longest time I thought it was God. Now I realize it’s never been God saying no. And it hasn’t been me either. But it has been someone lots of someone’s. Some of them were forced into it. Because they always knew instinctively that if they tried to approach love something very precious and dear would get deeply hurt. Because they are masons. So I’ve lived without friends and lovers. Without fathers and uncles. Without brothers and cousins. And so have you. And the women have done their best. And so have we all. But I really know now that there is a beginning to living. A beginning to life. And maybe it’s today. An infinity day. May 8. Or maybe it’s tomorrow. Mother’s day for myself and my mother and my sister and my friends that are mothers and daughters. It’s not much beyond that. I’ve already had my medicaid cab and my shot. I’ve already told my psychiatrist about my books. I know a lot about a lot of things. I’m in love with so many friends. My kids are doing great, all of them. So, what is next? Besides reunion? Joy. Pleasure. Deep satisfaction. Food. Loving. Music. Writing. Rinpoche. Papa. My dad. My mom. My dog. My cat. A lot of goodness really. I know I’m nearly home now. Because my eyes say so. My own eyes say so. So does my knowing. One body, one mind, one you. One love, one heart, one truth. We all have the propensity for a rooted mind, a rooted body, a rooted heart, a rooted soul, a rooted essence, a rooted life, a rooted being. We all have the right to thrive. So thrive with me, my loves. I am happy. I am. But I am still confined. But today is the day when we all become master mennonite monocan masons. Under the Dalai lama as our sacred father. It is May 8. Think of eights. Think of infinity. Think of the love of the god and the goddess. Think of Kali. Think of Pan. And think of yourself and your light. It is brilliant. You are a unique star shining in the indigo cosmos. You are the sun and the moon. Light your way with love. You have all the answers ever needed. I trust you. Be well. Be happy. And be love. I love you, sweet. I love your kin. And I love your way.