It’s a 22D world

It’s now a 22D world. Every house and building now is 22D. That means everything stays the same unless we build it or demolish it ourselves. This is true all over the world. There are 22D people and 3D people now. A lot of people chose to be 3D. And that’s a shame for them. On December 25, 2017 God began 22D. Since then people have had so many choices to follow God. And a lot chose not to. But a lot of us chose yes. All kinds of people chose yes. Even ones that were perfectly ordinary or seemed bad in some way chose God. And some that seem perfectly capable of being good didn’t. So we have to look around and understand who is who. People in 3D will live ordinary lives. Unless they committed crimes and then they go to God for 15D justice. That includes what just used to be called ethics. Commiting ethical and moral violations is committing criminal acts. You know what I mean, don’t you? All the people who are normal in 3D will have the chance to come along by 2064. In 2064 it will be a full 22D world. So others will simply pass away. Like people have in covid. Covid was a choice people made. And so many people we thought were dead and so many animals are back as 22D beings. The nazis really stole our world. So did the doctors. Gold studies were everywhere. People were confined and sent away. It’s not what it seemed to be. Last evening we had an indigo moon and a pink moon at sunset. The sun rose and set at the same time. This morning I saw a pink moon for five full minutes. Then it went indigo. I’m watching what it does next. Do you understand? Everyone predicted a 5D world. But that’s not true. It’s a 22D world. The trees and the plants have all the way until December 25, 2021 to become their full 22D nature. So the earth will still be changing. And in 2022 we will have a full sacred eternal spring. The earth and the animals now have their full 22D auric fields. There’s a gas shortage and meat is getting harder and harder to get. We don’t want or need these things. Our cars are cellular. Or food is kind and loving to everyone and oh so nourishing. Now it’s a completely white sky and it’s the white moon. Do you notice the God light? Do you see 360 degrees of sky from somewhere around your house? So we have arrived at the moons. I believe by May 22 we will we have a fully realized earth. I also believe we will be on Eastern standard time with some places being two hours apart but no more than that. Are you at all sad about the people that chose 3D? I can’t tell. It seems to me that some people just refuse God. No matter what they were given, they refused it. I have been completely stolen on Lightening Seed. I have made nothing from my writing. So many people chose to do that to me and other authors. You might know of someone. It says right on there that they are stealing and they get money for free. I have been so stolen in my taxes. I am still on SSDI. I only got that because they had to give it to me. Who are these people that take whatever they want to? I don’t know. But we have best friends. We have elders returning to us. We have good, good leaders. We have most of our children. And we really have a beautiful world. So let’s move forward now. Let’s think in the next ten days of goodness. Let’s really study the sky. Let the 3D cars run out of gas. Let the meat eaters run out of meat. We don’t have to explain it to them anymore. And if they committed crimes the lawyers will make sure they know it soon enough. We have sacred men. We do. And sacred women, too. Something huge in me has changed. I have worked for the new consciousness for years. And I know that God has listened to me all along because I was told by God. And I know what I suffered with God. And I know that I can be who I am. It feels a little too brave and risky still to write this post. But I don’t care really. I hear the cars and trucks racing past my house. And I also hear the birds gayly singing. It’s an indigo day. It’s a pink day. It’s a white light/God light day. I always think of the monocan wedding blessing whenever I feel like this. Go now to your dwelling place and may your days be good and long upon the earth. So, dwell in your dwelling place. And be a sacred observer. You know what to do. You’ve already chosen. And so has everyone else. Try not to feel too sad or angry about the ones who have chosen nothing or evil. They know what they do. Even if they claim they don’t still. Look around and let yourself live in peace. The sacred mother is with you. So is the sacred father. Feed your cat sour cream and feed your dog tofu and pinto beans with cheese. Everyone will start to go to their right places very, very soon. Okay, loves? Okay, loves.