The blitzkrieg is finally over. It just ended four days ago. That was the Nazi death sentence that has been a part of our world for many, many generations. It was not just physical, it was in our souls. We are eternal beings. We live for hundreds of years. We can chose to go into the ancestor world and that is a nice place. We just love from there. Everyone on earth is now with God. Whether they know it or not. All good beings are being set free and all people that choose evil or apathy go to God’s justice. There is no escaping fate. You will be what you have always decided to be. Anyone that has hatred or bigotry in their hearts has to face God now. And God knows exactly what to do. In the last three and a half years since Reiki IV has arrived to earth with the angels we have had over sixty thousand choices to be aligned with God. A lot of people that used to be decent chose not to go with the right choice. And they are in 3D. The rest of us are in 22D. You might notice now that you’re not protected anymore from covid or ugly people. You might notice it all over the place now because everyone is in the same reality. We are right at this moment evolving as a species into homoluminous beings. That’s the next evolution of humanity. You should feel past a lot of difficulties. You should be feeling better and better in your body. If you still have anything to be released it will release soon from your cells. Then when your cells align with sacred source so will your circumstances. Your circumstances are the last thing to come. You will have money and resources because you are a part of the living economy. You don’t even have to work that hard. You just do what you love, but you are often challenged. In this world we have to think. We do not just get by. It is not enough just to be here. We need to express ourselves fully, to love life deeply and to truly belong to the world and ourselves. If you find yourself wanting to do something today that is sacred now that all of elders are returning and all of our young ones are shining bright call Grandmother Hawk to you. She is the one that will finally set you free with her partner White Wolf. Grandmother Hawk and White Wolf are our ancestors. All over the world. They are rainbow beings. They know the deepest truths. We think it is time to arrive home now. Mother Gaia is ready. So is the Sacred Mother Nada San. So is the goddess Kali Ma. So is the God Pan. The white buffalo calf is about to be born. That’s the prophecy for the new world. Call in your ancestors and speak to the animals. Then find your sacred medicine inside of you. The Nazi plague and the dark night of the soul is quite finished now. You are about to be in charge of your own future for the first time in the history of your soul. You have a sacred purpose. It is now time to live within it.