Sacred Union and Reunion

Sacred union and reunion are our final goal to come out of confinement and live our wonderful, beautiful lives of promise in the green world and the living economy. Sacred union and reunion mean all of our dreams come true. They mean god and goddess are finally free. They mean truth and belonging and freedom and inspiration and abundance and nourishment and hope and love and all the positive qualities of God abound. What do we need to get there? I am the goddess Kali Ma. If you are a man that is reading this you are the god Pan. I am the only Kali Ma except Kali herself. You are not the only Pan. Every green man is a Pan. And a Michael. The arch angel Michael and the arch angel Agartha are our biggest angels. Yesterday 66,066,000 angels came to earth as earthkeepers. All manifestation angels. Seraphim. And you have one right now listening to you and loving you. This just makes sense. Under Joe Biden our world is returning to reason. There is rebirth. Feel for your angel. Use your instincts. It’s really important because now more than ever everything matters. I have a task to do for you tomorrow morning. I have to set myself free. I think I will. But as I write this I feel a little unsure and I have to think. I don’t know what I’m thinking of. Angels perhaps. Or good men and women. And the next generation. Who become their god and goddess selves the moment we are free. Do you taste freedom yet? I do. It tastes like joy. Because I can feel joy at work well done. At suffering that has finally completed its course. At everything promised being finally delivered. At a solid kiss on the lips and a conversation with my family that’s been burgeoning in me for years. I know what I am by now. I know who I sit with. Do you? You sit with the Dalai lama. We all do. You sit with Nelson Mandela. You sit with Thich Nhat Hahn. You sit with Barrack Obama. You sit with Joe Biden. These are the men you sit with. The green men who save the world. The papas. If you are an artista, a musica, a poetica then you sit with Bobby Mcferrin. It doesn’t matter anymore the others. Not the bad ones. Because we are with God but so are they. I think it stopped being painful. Because our light was never really touched. You can’t rape a light and overpower it and make it your own. You really can’t. No matter how hard you try. So, if they haven’t given up yet, they are about to. The end of apartheid has already come. The only people in apartheid still are those that choose it. Papa insists on that. All over the world the angels are preparing us for sacred union and reunion. See if you can feel for it. I can. I can feel that a lot of things have now been put into place. Tomorrow at 1pm Eastern Time Pan starts protecting us. Pan is quite the fierce protector. It’s really hard to imagine going to get my shot next Wednesday when I have the god Pan right in my auric field protecting me and holding me. What comes next after Pan protecting me and holding me is real men do to. And that is Saturday by 1pm. That’s already sealed as a mandate from god. I worked on it for three hours. What could go wrong? With reunion and sacred union? I just have to continue walking through. Until I finally arrive home with God. What are you going to work on today and tomorrow? Make it count. If you feel called to you can ask to come into sacred union with the Dalai lama. See where that takes us. And investigate your angels. Including Michael and Agartha. The Michael Brigade is active on earth. That’s our team of officers. All of them bull elephants. All of them following the right law. All of them working hard for us. So many things are coming to rights now with our teams. So let’s just take the final step. Help me get myself out of confinement tomorrow by doing your work today. Your most sacred work. And I will do mine. I love you. We’re almost done. And then we can really begin. Let’s just do it this time. Okay?