The Cusp

We are at the cusp of the new consciousness and these are brave and bold days indeed. We understand human nature now better than we ever have before. We see life after covid and Donald Trump. We see an end to the long tunnel of darkness of our souls. Our souls and our bodies are becoming one organism. We are cellular beings. We are reiki masters. We are one with the earth. Everyone has had so many choices now with God. And it hasn’t shown up visibly yet, not really for those that we know consistently choose the wrong path. And lately I have once again suffered quite a lot. But something has changed. And that something is me. And you too, my friend. Because as always we are listening to God. And just yesterday God said bad things to me. You would never believe the dialogues I go through with God. And you probably wouldn’t want to understand the suffering that it causes. And you don’t have to. Because I do. I do it because I am a sacred listener. I listen to everything that comes to me. And boy, is that a lot. But now after last night I finally can feel inside my very own cell the God that holds me. It feels like grace. And it feels like the cusp of the Pan Revolution. Feel for it right now. What do you sense? You should sense peace. Maybe you’re still bored and restless and sick of the old thing. But you are very, very different than you were in January, aren’t you? That’s because then things finally shifted for the world. Don’t pay too much attention to what the media is saying. It’s not really the truth. The truth is Joe Biden. Remember the first thing he did? He put us in the Paris Agreement. That makes him Pan. That makes him the center of the Pan Revolution. What is Barrack Obama up to? Where would he be but at Joe’s side? I know a lot that I can not say. And so do you. We just know now. We’ve always believed God is love. We’ve always believed in the earth as our mother. We’ve always listened to God. We are the sacred healers and the sacred listeners of the earth. And God is listening to us constantly. And God is beginning to move. Soon there won’t be a pandemic. You can feel it shifting. Some people are still clinging to it. But the rest of us are done. We know it’s time to live again. And we know we will never go back to the old pre-covid way of living. We are a changed humanity. So wear your masks. But loosen your mind. Open your heart and listen. Hear the birds singing. Pay attention to the ancient trees. Watch the lightening bugs return to the night sky. Don’t be afraid of people anymore because there is nothing to fear. God is arriving for the Pan Revolution. We are truly at a turning point in time. The timekeepers of the earth are releasing their ancient hold. Because blitzkrieg is over. Finally. We are no longer at war. We are entering a time of great peace. The war has been brutal. But feel your cell. Feel for grace. Feel for God in your heart. Feel for truth in your soul. Feel for certainty in your mind. Listen to God today, my friend. Just see what she says. She says to me, my love, my love. Shh. Shh. The Cusp has arrived with me in your grace. With me in your cell. Your body has roots. Your mind has ground. You are no longer that which suffers. You are something else entirely. You are nearly free.