I am able to blog again. I don’t know why. It’s been blocked from me since June. But it’s a new season. I am not yet free. I have so much I want to do. So much I wish to say. But yesterday I put on my calendar “an ending.” Last time I wrote to you four long and work- filled months ago I said we were on the cusp. Well just yesterday we came to a new cusp. And once again I hope it’s the end to suffering and the beginning to life in wholeness. I have worked hard for you since I last wrote. And I have grown a lot. I read some chapters from A Rooted Body today. I wrote that four and a half years ago. And it said the new consciousness was with us. It wasn’t with you then, but it was with me. Then I went into a hell so deep and long that I changed completely into someone new. A finely crafted and honed version of my best and brightest self. And I still work at it every day and every night. And I have not yet set myself or anyone else free. But nature has another plan for me and you. And we’ve been seven months working as masters now. But not in embodied consciousness. In the auric field. Which is the land of the soul. The Pan Revolution is real. You heard about it in the nineties, right? Well it’s almost 2022. And the world went dark. And now we still hear it constantly. Dark. Dark. Dark. What do you believe in your roots? My roots feel both strong and tired. I have been through a long hard ordeal. So has the cosmos. I need to do what I do best. Find beauty. That’s you, of course. I hear now from source that there are sixty six billion of us. All ready to be masters, just like it says in A Rooted Body. All at the cusp of awakening say my roots to our lives of joy. I can now write again. That means something for me. I think that’s a first step. One I just got to today because something big ended yesterday. We go by cycles and seasons. And this is a season of work. Fall is busy. Let’s find nature together. Let’s look for source again and again til we find her. I am ready for something new. The world is too and we hear it’s Delta this time. Well. Is it that or joy and freedom? What’s our choice say after we have done all this work already? It says the time of the new world is here. Again. Hopefully this time we take it.