Soul Root

I’ve been thinking. If we are not allowed to have souls in our society, then what? I know that’s what I’ve been told over and over. There’s no such thing as a soul. Or you shouldn’t talk to yours. This is dangerous for everyone, they say. To be a soul then? And to be fully embodied in my soul? To know who I am and to finally embrace and understand God as love? I see now that just like I say in A Rooted Body, there really are masters walking the earth. And I can communicate with them. And this is God. And that’s so lovely. And I feel so much better. I have a soul. So do you. And I am fully embodied as a soul. I have been for twenty years. What a journey!! I don’t much believe in disease. But certainly most people do. I believe that our bodies and our minds and our hearts and our souls are designed for wholeness. Cut your finger. See what happens. Your body knows what to do. I work on this wholeness in myself every day. Do you hear a call? I do. It’s to trust fully now. I have seen every side of this story. Except the version where we are fully in the green world. But it’s nearly 2022. In 2016 I wrote that it was coming. Then again in 2020. But now surely after covid something worthwhile and new can happen. Yes, it must be so. I think I let go of the last of my fear and resistance this morning. I am a sacred listener. A sacred healer. Those are my own words. I am a rooted body, a master of my own heart and soul. My mind is coming along now to listen to love. I listen more than I speak. I come where I am called to. I am always willing to go where I am sent. I have a soul that likes to find Grace. I hope this Christmas all souls are embodied in love. I think it’s a new time and I sense that we are further along than we’ve ever been. Life has been stopped long enough. Let’s celebrate the love we feel and admit that we are magical beings with souls. Even if it’s not allowed. Merry Christmas.