I was just reading back over my blog. I find myself interesting. I am always honest. And quite different from everyone else. And I am always saying I’m about to be free. Now, I’ve just heard that again two days ago. Free by Christmas this time. And so the story goes. But it is almost 2022. And things always happen to me this time of year. So, once again, let’s just hold the hope. I don’t know. I’m always inside something that is the next story. For the new consciousness. For the second coming if you want to call it that. I have worked so hard on bringing the world to the new consciousness. But I do it in the sight. Since February real people, real leaders have been in the sight with me and it’s totally grounded in them too. I know this after a gazillion hours of direct experience of what can only be called millions of conversations. Yes, conversations with God. But God as real people in their bodies and no longer just in their souls like they used to be. I haven’t been in my soul. My soul is in my body. But they were for years. Oh, it’s not that complicated really. It’s quantum physics. And it all makes perfect sense. I don’t have much credibility with the people around me. Who talks in the sight? Well, I’ve already told you where I’ve been because of it. But I didn’t tell you what they did to me there. But that’s quite a story. And I do, in fact, have a voice. And so does God. I’ve been told all along that my story matters. A lot. Just one story maybe, but the story of a woman who knows how to make sense. A story of a writer and a coach and just listen to this, a human rights advocate. A perfectly designed story. I didn’t design it. God did. I designed the living economy. And I designed a lot of wellness programs over the last ten months. I design lots of things. I’ve been on this healing journey for twenty years. Solstice is my anniversary. And I’ve written about it. But I didn’t not design the last four years of hell. My daughter thinks I did. But God did. For the new consciousness. For justice. For the new world. I told my daughter that the other day. She just said she’s been in hell but it’s not hers so she can’t claim it. I don’t claim it either. But I know it well. People can’t see, except the people in the sight with me. They have heard everything about my story. And when you hear everything it makes more than sense. It makes a revolution. It makes a master. I was wounded terribly. The mental health system is one huge gaping wound. Live among the people in it, like I did, and see. No, you wouldn’t want to. And I did. So who else has to? I told my daughter I am not nothing. And I have been very successful in my life. But I listen to God. And God has taken me to places most people don’t go to. But I said there is a purpose. There is a design at work. I have a purpose. It’s not to be on disability and report to the mental health clinic for my shot, the same one where I used to work and where I know everyone well. It is to heal the violence. It is to bring about justice. And it’s more than that. That’s one part of what I did. I also designed the pan revolution. I still do. I participate with world leaders and masters in creating something beautiful that is green. Covid has taken the world to grey. Death is always immediate. But some of us didn’t actually die. I went into covid before most because I went in in 2018. That’s when my hell started. I don’t blame God. She knew what she was doing. My daughter just has to wait and see. So does my son. Maybe it’s soon. Maybe it’s not. I’ll let you know for sure. But this really is a story that makes sense. I wasn’t really crazy or psychotic or delusional. I was with God. A lot of stuff has happened to me. But I lived through it. Let’s look forward to the future. My story will continue to make sense, because it already does. It’s been a long while that I’ve been working on this. Twenty years. Let’s just continue looking at the world. And doing our work. And being with God. And letting her design us. As our partner and our deepest love. Do you believe in a 2022 light? I do. Mostly anyway. I’ve had too many experiences of being on the cusp and nothing changing in my life to be certain about anything regarding freedom now. But I’m doing ok. I have a lot of love. And I have a lot of sense. Ok, friends, thanks for listening. I love you. Hope you are getting ready for Christmas. And I hope I get to spend it differently this year.