Something gentle

Something gentle is now happening to me. 1/22/2022 was a rough day. Lots of the same old shenanigans with god. Suffering, pain, the whole nine yards. 1/23/2022 was a neutral day. But oh, on 1/24/2022 everything started to change. And by nighttime I was in joy. And it has continued into right at this moment. I feel like I left the suffering of being a channel behind forever now. And Grandmother Hawk has become so sweet and kind to me. I just hear her gently in my head or I sense what she is saying to me. She has become a gentle, loving guide. I have real goddess now and she is a wise grandmother. That suits me just fine. I understand so much about my sacred calling now. I know what I am meant to be for the world. A teacher of meditation. I took on being a writer of programs. I took on being a wise woman again in my healing interests. And I took on a new way of healing my mind, body and spirit. I see that I have not been very grounded in my body. I have been holding all of this light and darkness in my third eye. I have been very focused on the mind. I feel it as a physical sensation. Like a block mostly. But just today I changed how I address my fear and my resistance to life. I found a way to softly go into the poem of my mind instead of tackling the fear head on. I have long known that I am Hawk. That’s my other name. Like Kali Ma is. My goddess names. Like Beth is my writing name. But the poem of my mind told me that I am a house wren in my heart. Like the ones that come into my house frequently to visit. What I am designed for most is to create a beautiful, inspirational, lovingly cared for nest. That’s my mind, body, heart and soul. I love to make beauty. And I love to call people home. I see that what I have been calling the sight is now Reiki 22. That’s brand new to the world. That’s the healed communication system of the planet. It’s holy communion with God, other people, animals and trees. And it is a beautiful, beautiful gift. Reiki is the spirit. Meditation and poems is the mind. And the physical self is the body. We really have three parts. Body, mind and spirit. And I understand all three now in a new way. And I understand what I do. And I see that I am not yet a master of all three. I really am now a master of the spirit. Of reiki. And I was too much in suffering before to be a master of my mind. But I believe fully now that I have passed through that long, difficult, dark, dark night of healing A Rooted Mind. And now I am working on A Rooted Body. And a Rooted Heart. My soul is fully rooted. I have now completed A Rooted Soul in my understanding. That’s millions of hours in the sight. That’s being a reiki master. I know that once I am fully embodied physically in A Rooted Body I do what my book promises. I become a master and I am awake, free and fulfilled. I know nothing will ever touch me again negatively once that happens. Because I will be a fully grounded, well, whole person. Everything is now starting to shift. I am making new commitments. I have had some resistance because it’s hard to know how to change long-established rhythms. But I ordered some plants and potting soil and tea on Amazon to begin writing. And I started a new journal. And I listened to music. And I got out of bed instead of lying around past sleep. And now I am writing a blog post at 4am. I feel good. I really do. I have 6000 angels at my side. That’s long been promised and awaited. And I’m told that it comes increment by increment. One step at a time, as always, but boy are these steps so much better and more fun. In the last two days I have changed so much. I am growing suddenly, but not through old painful measures. Through new inspiring ways. It is nearly February 1 now. And to me spring is February 22. That’s been my first day of spring since my daughter was born in 2000. Today my son spent all day up on a ladder trimming the hedges that have been overgrown for four years. And he is composting and planning a garden. These are the signs I look to. And my own body, mind and spirit. It’s been a long, long road through hell. But I am well on my way to wellness and new growth now. I can feel it. So expect great things from me. Because I am your sister wren. And I have a nest to build this spring. And when I am finished building it I will invite you over for tea. Love to you, as always. I am beginning anew. Are you?