Reiki is my Name

I Call Your Name

Rain, wind, sun, rock, spirit
Rain, wind, sun, rock, spirit
I call your name 
Sing to me of your nighttime longings
Call to me from your daytime work
Give me a chance to thrive in your embrace
I will hold you as you hold me
Inside the arms of eternity
I wrote some new pieces for my website today. A book-like place to put recipes and wellness tips called Eat Your Colors. That's my vegetarian nutrition program. A coming out as being a reiki master called Reiki Roots. And a description of just what that means to me called What is Rootsong Reiki? I have another piece coming called Liferoots Wellness Studio but I am not going to publish it until I am more free and less confined by my circumstances. Which I now call being inside the earth. I got a lot of feedback in reiki that those pages actually transformed the people that read them into the master I intended them to become. My wordpress sight is being hacked again, that's why I am writing in a new font. This has happened plenty of times before, like on facebook I get no likes, comments or any kind of feedback even though I have over three thousand friends. You'd think someone would like a post or something. And I couldn't post at all for about five months last year to wordpress. I like blogging again. So, we'll have to see what happens with the hacking. It is midnight and I am still working and not tired at all. Big change from before when sleep was one of my only go-tos. I am living in the beautiful space of poems and I love it. Today I found another one as I wrote in my journal and that is what led me to write new pages for my website. Hope you like them. It all seems to make more and more sense all the time, and those pieces about reiki explain pretty much everything I want to tell you about who I actually am and what I actually do. Justice will come in some day. I know it. Everything we ever do matters, and I have done so much healing and hard work that it must matter. Or else God really is diabolical. And I know that can't be true. Well, namaste, good night and I hope to see you tomorrow. And oh, yes, I wrote a new song today. It's called Penny Wren. Love to you. Night.