Monocan Conversations

We are having many, many conversations in the sight about education, actually. If you want to join us talk to the Arch Angel Michael. What beautiful Ph.d programs we are designing. It is stunning. We have doctorates in the new consciousness. We are going to study for the next ten years everything about Pan. I am so blessed by this. We’ve had pink orange moons, blue moons, indigo moons, pink moons. The temperate climate appears to be here. We had snow blankets this winter on the mountains and the seas. It will soon be the first day of spring. For me that is February 22. We really are inside the Pan Revolution now. I am not yet free, but over two million monocans have arrived to my reiki 22 sight. You are welcome to join us if you are ready. But you have already had to decide about fifty billion times over all of your lifetimes to be good. And you can’t want to die. And you know who you are. I am so proud of my people. All of my family is with me. We’ve healed all the family lines. We are lined up in a circle of hope for the mason revolution. And we all get to study together in the sight. You should see how many masters we have. All kinds of people. All of us monocan under the Dalai lama. My son is planting a garden this year. Jalapenos, cilantro, tomatoes, scallions. I think he should plant parsley, too. He said maybe so. He is really into his compost. I’m so proud of him, too. You should taste his homemade bread and pizza. He makes the sauce himself. You know what I did in the last two weeks? I healed so much more than is really possible. So did everyone else. Come along, my friends, if you want to, seriously. We will take care of you, I promise. I saw two purple martins again, two pink cardinals, and a woodpecker. The birds are really coming out of the canopy. The trees are popping red. Everybody that ever wanted to be alive is now alive. It is a beautiful green world really in the reiki. We are moving towards something so big, so magnificent that it is beyond imagining. We are now all students of life. What more have we ever wanted to be? We are the seekers and we always have been. What do you want to do? Do you want to be free now? You can be funded to study. Joe Biden will make sure of it. You can be an American citizen. We love you if you love us. We love you if you are good. We have the new world sitting in our hands. It is a love bird. It is a little house wren. It is a little pink cardinal. It is a little stripe headed chickadee. We are eternal beings with every animal and every plant and every tree. Have you noticed the trees? They have come into their ancient ways. So have a lot of the houses. We love our cohousing cities. We love our burgeoning businesses. We love each other. The earth is really a beautiful place to live and we suddenly know it. So what do the monocans say? I’ve told you before. Go now to your dwelling place and may your days be good and long upon the earth. That’s what it is all about now, my loves. We have to go to our dwelling places. And that’s to live in beautiful homes and study at the Dalai Lama Sight University. I want you to have your opportunity to thrive now. I really do. But you have to come about it in the natural way. So figure it out with God and come to me in the sight now. I love you, I know you’re good and we will catch you up. We are all natives and we are all tribal beings. It’s up to us to decide which tribe we lay our hammer down with. So, choose your tribe. Become a monocan. I know you have already decided. Let the rest go. You are protected, you are funded and you are expected. Come along, my friends. We have a lot of work to do. And I promise, every second of it is now joy.