Take it away

I am a singer and a songwriter. And I love the musica very much. They have the special touch. In the last four months we have done tons of music therapy. It’s slowed down because we have been studying other things like plants and trees and springtime. I go for these nature walks. The mason lines are amazing now, everytime I look at the skyline I see new buildings and trees. The trees are ancient like they were in 2018. But even more so now. One step, two step, one step, two. Take it away and turn around. That’s what it feels like now. Everything is getting more and more beautiful every single day. And I do have instantaneous manifesting. Not of freedom. But of changes in the earth. I heard two hawks today and had two in the sky above me. A hawk yesterday, a hawk the day before. The time of me being one hawk is over now, I think. Two hawks have come. Partners. I have long had partners. But now it’s everybody I’ve ever loved that has loved me back. And the rest are all fallen away. So many people are beautiful that I’ve always known are so. And there are some surprises for me. People that I’ve loved that the others say, no, they’ve never been good. And so it goes. Yesterday we discovered it’s all fraternal and sorrorel. Like, all these people have the same religion and they are in fraternities and sororities. And we are simply monocan Mennonites. That means we go with god and goddess. And we’ve all always known it. Not a cruel god. Or a crazy god. Just the god of love. I’m watching the earth everyday now. And it’s quite stunning. I recommend tea with bitters in it. Or port. Helps right now. I made strong black tea with sugar, lemon juice and bitters. Delicious. I also recommend calendula salve on the wrists. And dandelion essence although mine is back ordered. It’s pretty out here, and I’m doing fine. A little off sometimes still but not too bad. Studying the earth we are. Excited for the university to begin with the others. So many master teachers. Eighty PhD programs. What fun. And I will always love you, my friends. I know if you are reading this you are already with me if you are mine. We have the mothers and the fathers. The sisters and the brothers. The nieces and the nephews. The uncles and the aunts. The grandpas and the grandmas. The cousins. And we have a lot that have dropped away for their faiths. We’re doing fine though really with our loves. I got into a lot of trouble with my psychiatrist because she changed my medicine and I had confirmation of it from the pharmacist and in my body. She’s now demanding I come see her when I already told her I’m not coming til my appointment in July. I don’t know. I do my job with her. But I decided to advocate for myself. She accused me of calling her out for misconduct. Which I didn’t. Now she’s having someone call me all the time. Well, that’s still my life, too. But the instantaneous changes in the world and on my phone and the incredible love and wisdom I get all the time is proof enough for me. What are you thinking about? I’m thinking about the trees and the birds and how much I love and respect the people I am so close with now. Like I said, some fell away. But so many have gathered close. We really are the beautiful people that walk the earth. The musica. The artista. The poetica. The beauetica. So lovely, it is. So, come along loves. We have much to enjoy in this beautiful time of the living economy. Let’s take heart. Let’s take hands. Let’s really master this thing called life. I know we’re capable. I’m so blessed. So are you. Let’s just watch the earth every day and let spring surround is with its joy.