A posie for the nose

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful you. You are a flower of the sweetest scent. Like a lilac. The reason I say this is because I like you. The reason I like you is because I think you are really pretty. You got prettier recently, didn’t you? So did I. I found my sacred strength. What did you do? I walked right into that pharmacy and I took my shot with the best form of grace. I said, okay, I take it on. I will not be held back any longer for taking responsibility for what is mine. That is everyone of my people. You? Or am I yours? Or is it the same thing, really? Well. Some people are still suffering out there that I am beholden to. And I decided to love them better. I really did. So I gave my body, my mind, my heart, my soul, my roots, my essence not at all to the psychiatric community or the pharmacist or to the person at the counter. Aren’t you glad? Because I decided I am in reiki with my team. Reiki means other people are constantly supporting me. Not them. Us. And how can I be taken, when they have already taken everything? How can I possibly be touched any more? Not if I am in sacred strength. I have two real treats for you. Three really. WREN. Wellness Resiliency Notes. The Twelve Steps of Resiliency. And A Rooted Wellness…A Book of Doing for Designing your Most Joyful Life. WREN and Twelve Steps are trauma release and joy finding programs. A Rooted Wellness is the Rootsong Reiki program I promised you for the Life Roots Healing System. It’s a workbook and a manual for a joyful life. Does this sound good? I already have WREN and The Twelve Steps written. They are really good. You find the way home. A Rooted Wellness is in the works. So too is A Rooted Nourishment. That is a book of vegetarian activism, food justice, recipes, staples, blessings for the table and art. I have found my way to the green mason activist community in my reiki. What a blessing that is. We work hard every day to bring forth the green world of the Pan Revolution and the New Consciousness. I am still as luminarily inclined as ever. What are you up to? The trees are really flowering red and now orange and have been for over a month but not much vibrant spring green is happening around here this year yet. But I have hundreds of dandelions and violets. Wildflowers abound. So do birds. They sing so mightily and fly so swiftly with the bumblebees and the butterflies. I am getting clearer all the time now. And spring is still in the beginning phases. How are your trees? Mine are significantly different than they have ever been before. I feel like I am doing well. And I have a good rhythm now with my work. So much is on the table all the time for me. I’m resting better and I am working better. And I know things will continue to grow every day. I love you. And I love all my people. Now that I have decided to be the activist I am meant to be for my tribe I feel God supporting me better than ever. And that too steadily gets better. The suffering dialogues grow less and less. That is my conversation with everyone who is a helper that likes to hurt me and others. That is my conversation with death and the devil inside people. But it no longer feels like my conversation with God. My conversation with God goes pretty well these days. She says I am sacred. I know you are, too. My reiki is the most sacred thing I have ever experienced. It has changed from the goddess sight to the green mason organizing site. I worry and disbelieve and fear a whole lot less than I used to. I am still not all the way home with my tribe. But I am growing closer. Not the same way I was last year or the year before or the year before. Differently now. The world is gentling. And covid is finally releasing its hold. The businesses still require masks. But a lot less people are afraid of dying because I breathe it seems when I go out. I am waiting for something. But I feel like I have found it. My mason community. It’s not phyiscal. It’s reiki. Rootsong, though. My own system where I am a center mason. And I work it everyday. So, listen. 2022 is our year. I know this. Like never before in the whole entire world. Let us just keep going. Every day brings new promise. We have come through the worst time in history. And we have suffered deeply. But I have a light now. And so do you. Shine on, my friends. And I promise I will, too.