The Earthwalker finds her roots

She begins to walk. Because she takes the pen into her hands to write the next story. The next story is the story of the goddess. And of the god Pan. The next story is the story of the red deer clan. The next story is the story of the way. The way is green. The way is conscious. And the way is freedom. Inside spring. With the trees and the birds and the bees. With the flowers. At home in the nell. Alive in the meadow. Growing with the fern. Replenishing with the rain. Restoring with the river. Emerging with the leaf. River, rain, leaf, meadow and fern. The new story. This is the story of A Rooted Body. It is the story of the Time of the Awakened Heart on this green earth. And it is our story. And the story of our children. We have done our work well. We have walked in the shoes of justice. And we have seen far into the future for our people and our children. We have seen the new earth coming. And we have held it so delicately yet firmly in our hands. Now we hold the pen. Before it was them. But we are smarter than that. And we are determined now. We are the writers of the new story. The river story. The rain story. The leaf story. The meadow story. The fern story. That’s our way. To write the story. But always before we have been stopped. And the world can’t stop us anymore. Because the river and the rain and the leaf and the meadow and the fern says it can’t. That is their world. This is ours. We are the Rooted Body. We are the time of the awakening. We are the instinct and the sense of the buffalo and the whale. Our beauty is wise. And true. And we are breaking down the mystery. We hold each other. They hold onto nothing. We walk the way. They stay where they are but they leave our vision. We hold the highest vision. The highest purpose. With the earth. We say yes to life. To each other. And to the new way. It has traditions that are rooted among us. But we revise them to make them kind and loving and earth friendly. We are friends. We love all our friends and relations. And we are the new consciousness. The children say its time. So do we. So do the trees. So do the birds. So do the bees. Why would we prevent it? We would never. How can they? They can’t. The wisdom circle is in. We are thinking and creating. And we are writing. We know that the children have spoken to us about their wave. They say their wave is ready to begin. We hold the first wave. They hold the second. And on it goes. Until we have peace on earth. Total freedom for every master. Every light shining brightly. Every person in their rightful place. Everyone inside our grace. That means justice. And that means love. And that means neighborhoods. And that means vegetarian lives. For us and for them. Because the way is not to harm. The way is to thrive instead of suffer and serve an old god. The way is the master way. We are the masters I am talking about. And now our children are ready to take their rightful place among us. So we decide. To walk home. Where they will greet us. The earthwalker finds her roots. She knows what to do. She puts on her shoes, walks straight out the door and seeks out the sacred spring. The sacred spring will greet her kindly. And well. And she will say thank you. She will hold her face to the sky and breathe. And she will notice the leaves. And then she will talk to her daughter. About life. When she talks to her daughter about life she will set the world free. She has been walking for a long time. And she is ready to root herself in. She is ready to come home among her people. And they are ready for her. This is what the earth says now. It says, “Ah, we are finally alive.” So listen, my friends. Pick up your pen. And write the new story with me. What is your part? I know my daughter’s part. And I know mine. We write within the sacred lines. They don’t. But we do. These are the lines we know well. The earth lines. The lines of our very own bodies. Hold the earth line now. Even the walnut tree will find its leaves soon. Find yours. And I’ll continue to find mine. I know what speaks to me. It’s the new earth. It’s the sacred birth of plants and animals to freedom and life. It’s the open door for our children. What speaks to you? Call it to you now. And let it write the story for you. We are the earthwalkers together. Let’s find our way home.