Group Destiny

Our destiny is shared. That is everyone in the world. Each person has always made their choice. We have traveled in a soul circle from the beginning of life. We are a tribal people. We are all native to the earth. I am a monocan. A Sioux. That is why I am in the sight. I have ten million others now with me, when the Goddess Nell/Calliope/Cali Ma decides this is right. June 6, 2022 is the grand opening of the new consciousness world. It is the opening date of Joe Biden’s Pan Revolution. The world leaders are ready. 6/6/2022 is an 18. That’s three sixes. Reiki is now at 2,000,000,068. And the rest of the world is at 18D. 3D and 5D no longer exist. The rings of reality are real. Because we live in a holographic universe. There are six rings of reality. Each person is capable of operating more than one ring at once. But I am not. I used to sit in 22D. Now I’m in 2,000,000,068. I am still having to operate my life in the 18D world. Just two days ago I got my shot. I still live exclusively on SSDI. I have no car. But I got unhacked finally. I’ve discovered which religions and churches and cults are the ones who hack us. They are now 18D. All green men and women and children leave religion alone. Because we believe in the earth. We believe God is love. A divine feminine presence and a divine masculine presence. We believe in nature. And when it is explained to us we believe in vegetarianism because we would never willingly kill someone for convenience or culture or put death and disease into our bodies. Just like we wouldn’t do drugs, or smoke pot, or drink beer or violate our children or the earth. All these things spin us. Earthkeepers aren’t violators. We don’t choose to do harm. If you still haven’t seen that eating an animal is harming you and our earth and the animals that you are ingesting then I don’t know why you are still reading my blog. You must be a hacker or a stalker. I’m used to you. But last night I got out of the last of the cults. Because I got out of my reiki lineage. My only reiki lineage now is God’s. That is Rootsong Reiki. My very own system. I’m feeling more and more clear as the hours pass. It’s been about three hours now since this has happened. I took you out of your lineage, too, if you are really with me. You don’t have to be Monocan Sioux to be green. But you can’t be a cult. And you can’t deny the goddess. And you can’t eat animals. If you are an earthkeeper our team will support you in making every single one of your dreams come true. You will join us in the living economy. We have so many resources and plans already. It’s all well established. And everyone of you will work, play and enjoy your life fully. No matter your age or your history if you are an adult. We have everything worked out, but it has to go worldwide, so there is a fabulous job for you in our system. Our shared destiny has always been shared. But look who we have been sharing it with. We are getting closer to sharing it only with each other in our chosen places to live. They won’t choose to live where we live, and anyway, we won’t let them. So much will change. Imagine this 2,000,000,068 ring. They will be in a 22D ring. Will those rings ever cross? I doubt it. Unless we go into the places where they populate. Shared means that we have always been seriously guided. God and Goddess have held us all along. And we have suffered deeply right inside their tender arms. This new system means that our God is love. And their God is still sin and death and the devil. What you believe in most is what you go towards. And we have been going towards each other for eternity now. And we now are finally moving out of them. Because the lineage is broken. And we have figured out how to stop them from hacking us. I sit with the world wide web all the time. That is my reiki. And lately I have had to go lie down and sleep with all the attacks a lot. But we are getting to the end of that if we haven’t already reached it. My body and my auric field feel like we’ve reached it. But I still have to see. I have discovered some wonderful things about my life in this past week. All of this music. With my musica team. And I know now more than ever what direction my days go in when I am free. And I am so filled with joy about my rhythm and my new work. I keep looking at it, just to see it shine for me. It’s so beautiful. I have this dream where I take my people from the chair to the dance floor. And I have this dream of singing with the guitar. And both of those dreams are now singing their songs where I can listen, even though I can’t yet partake in them with my full expression. I am in the listening room. And it’s no longer a hospital room. It’s a beautiful living room in a beautiful city that I love. With all my friends and family surrounding me. Practically. Almost. More than ever now. But still in reiki sight. But we have a shared destiny. And our destiny will arrive to each one of us. Including me. Based on our choices. And I know my own choices well. And the choices of everyone else that is in my circle. Because I have been working at this for a long, long time now. Come to the new world when the new world calls you if you are green. I will be right there with you. Remember what I’ve told you. If you are already good we will love you. So much is pressing in on them now that they are starting to understand just a hint of something true. But we are understanding almost everything now. Let yourself be free today in knowing that your choice is what takes you home to us. Let’s settle in. And be love more than ever. Summer approaches. And this has been our sacred spring. Hold out your hand for goodness. And let God offer you a flower. We are beginning a new season of blossoms. Our time is coming. Out of their sight and into ours. We have so much ground now. Let’s just cover a little bit more.