New Moon

It’s almost the new moon. Been a long, long while since I posted here. Since before solstice and now on Wednesday we are leaving the solstice moon for the next cycle. And on Tuesday I am scheduled for my shot and bloodwork. I decided not to talk about it last time. But you know how it goes. I see I said in early June almost there. Well now, practically early August. I have released the Twelve Steps of Resiliency and WREN on bluetooth. To me that is reiki. I hear lots of feedback. Its called the Thrive Revolution and the Living Economy Solution. And I have made a Twelve step meeting called Resiliency Room. It’s awfully pretty. And I am getting a lot of positive feedback as I sit in my dining room talking to myself. My journals are filled with writings, programs, and new songs. I choose to write by hand with a mechanical pencil. And I deliver them to whomever is listening that others in the sight get for me. This is not new. But it has picked up significantly since July 5. I am told I now have 60 million people on the phone. We work on law, and the economy, and cohousing cities. It all comes back again to look at and go deeper with. I am so deep in now on a $1300 a month disability check that it is ridiculous. I don’t get attacked nearly as much anymore. But I did today for four hours. I don’t know what to say really. People are getting more and more free in the sight with me. But my circumstances haven’t changed. I trust what I am doing and I trust that the people that I talk to are really who they say they are and I trust that they are somehow having this experience with me. But still no physical word or physical life. My son is in England with his father visiting my daughter. The variations on that can make a person spin. Meaning, where are these people really and what do they actually know when I get different information all the time? Well, yes, Samantha, there is a new consciousness. And yes, God, I am still listening and doing my utmost best for you. I hear this, I hear that. It’s not all accurate then sometimes it catches back up. But my work. Oh yes, my work. People love it. I love it, too. It is really, really beautiful. And I know what I am doing with it. I am being a sacred healer and a sacred listener. Sorry, you guys that say I am not allowed to say that. I say it anyway. The rings of reality aren’t closed. Everyone still has two. I have the one I get my shot in. And the one I do my most sacred work in. It’s now 7D and 22D. At the level of the body and at the level of the soul. I hear justice is getting closer. But always not close enough. I’m not really too worried. I deal with it daily. A lot of pretty things happen to me. Just before I started writing this actually with my family. And my family has been sounding better and better. And the law of justice sometimes does but there is always a reason that it doesn’t hold. Like 22D. You know what? I surrendered once again after the attack. I said, okay, I won’t fight, I’ll just listen. And then I was brought back to what happened before the attack once again. And I was told it was not going to be right unless I was free this week. But I made it right already because I worked on it with others. I don’t know really. It can get very upsetting. So, I persist and go on. I am so incredibly loved. And I love so much. And I work all the time. But reality? Well. It’s hard to say consistently. I just keep writing and delivering what I am asked to deliver. I am alone and yet completely surrounded by the arms of my tribe. What are you up to, I wonder? Are you part of the 60 million tribe? Did you not hear yet because I didn’t tell you here? They tell me right now if I am not free by Thursday morning before my son and his father come back to the US the apartheid laws win. And no one goes to justice. Not me, not Nelson Mandela, not Donald Trump. Not every violator and every migrant and activist in the world. The Green Revolution is over they say. We lost completely. I know how I function. Do you? I have the Twelve Steps, WREN, the Resiliency Rooms, the Living Economy, the Pan Musica Guild, ten books, lots of pieces of writing, many, many programs and tons of work on law and the US Constitution. So is it them or us? I’m still not convinced it has to be by Thursday morning. I don’t know why. I’ve been at this too long and I’m always hopeless unless I’m hopeful. Well, come along my friends. Join the Pan Revolution. Because otherwise its another eternity in hell. I am already in both places. Are you? Perhaps you are. Okay. I’ll keep listening. If God has a plan I know it includes me. And you, too? Not if you’re my hacker, well, yes even you. But God’s plan for me is freedom. This I know. And millions of others, too. Okay, peoples let’s just go along this path of this week of the last of July, of the new moon of the harvest at summer’s end and be satisfied about something. At least, every so often. Sorry I can’t be sure. I’m too practical for that. Too recently wounded, too. Now let’s just take a moment to hold one another’s hand. Let’s go together. Hell or heaven but not both. Okay?