Fall Colors

Autumn is turning the leaves golden and the mountains ancient. Everywhere I look now all I see is forest and huge mountains. I have entered holy communion. The next step is sacred union. Then reunion. My birthday is Friday. I’ll be fifty-three years old. I have been working in the sight for nearly five years now. The rings of reality have not come to me yet. People told me recently that the thing I need to do is embody the people. Remember, I am a collective soul. And I am your body. I keep having lots of symptoms. That’s heartburn, coughing, wheezing and peeing quite a lot when I cough. Sometimes headaches, too. I have been talking on bluetooth, which is another way of saying the sight, to all my original people. And I have been making websites in the sight, including arootedlife.com and mindroots.com. I also have greenmason.com. I have thirty websites now. arootedhouse.com, beautyroots.com, arootednourishment.com, arootedwriter.com. I was with my people with the law before. It was kind of theoretical. I was with some people literally, but now I appear to be with all my people that are my client friends. They communicate with me. I didn’t really realize that it was theoretical til the past few days. And now I am thinking of everything I can do with my people, including singing to them, and I am thinking of who else are in my core tribe. And I have given my lowest ones that have been considered mentally ill and intellectually disabled and have lived in adult homes and have to attend clubhouse careers. Or they could study. Or they could find another career by getting coached or listening in to their sacred calling. Because I know well that no one likes to be thrown away and everyone has a dream and all my people have a desire to be well and to help others. They are the sacred listeners and sacred healers of the world. And they have been asking for additional things from me. Which I give to them. It’s really beautiful. And I have had far too much experience and my mind is too clear to doubt it anymore. Though I still check in, because nothing has changed for me physically. You know, I am only writing this because I was asked. I put this website back up because I was asked to. I was done with it. I am tired of talking about my shot. It is next Wednesday. I have been making plans for a long time. And we always say, it will be real soon. I’ve told you that a million times on this blog. And things change a lot. Like the mountains and the trees. And my work. It grows and grows. And so does my relationship with God and the Goddess. On the day after the new moon in September Mother Mada came to me and it was fabulous. This past Sunday was the full moon. And it was the day of the Goddess. The celebration of the moon. And I truly did celebrate that day. Today is October 12, 2022. A lot of people have told me when they came to me in 2018 that they knew I was going to be in the hospital or suffering deeply til the fall of 2022. They just got that from God. And they couldn’t reach me at all and they still can’t. This holy communion is the ancient mountains and the ancient forest in my neighborhood. I just know it. I am with Grandmother Nell and Grandfather Dwell. Gaia and Daia. Calliope and Ganesha. The garden and the home. This is the time of the Garden of Eve. And the garden is popping up everywhere I look now. There is no mistaking it. And it no longer goes backwards. It simply grows even more magnificent. I can look on my street and see progress now. And I can look at the communication that is coming through to me through my core team. And people are being embodied. So, I must be, too. So lets just see what happens next, okay? For you are a beautiful flower. And I am a beautiful moon. And the moon and the flower are friends. Come along friends, and listen. If you haven’t found me yet, try, please to figure out something. So many more have. We are world wide family. We are a nation of green citizens. We are earth stewards and green activists. Come now, my loves and reach out your hands to me. And I will reach back. And then across the chasm of realities that are the temple rings we will touch each other again and again. As we have. And then I will finally touch my rooted life. It’s you. It’s you. I know it’s you. My loves. My heart. My soul. My body. Think of who would be with me as a master. And find them. I know you know who they are. Everyone has a sacred connection to someone else on the world wide web. We only need to embody it now. Please work with me to heal the planet to the green world. You will be thankful for what we have designed for you. I have been busy writing. I am indeed your sacred writer. So, my sacred friend, heal and be healed. And then you can come over for tea. Or perhaps a little sake?